Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is It Now Taboo to Be White, Conservative &.................A DEMOCRAT????

I ask that question due to the recent party switchers here in Georgia & elsewhere in the south of White, Rural Conservative Democrats to the GOP at a very alarming rate.


Yesterday, the latest white, rural democrat to defect from the dwindling democratic caucus is State Rep Mike Cheokas (D) Americus. That only leaves 5 white rural democrats in the caucus: Debbie Buckner (Junction City), Carol Fullerton (Albany), Sistie Hudson, (Sparta), Rick Crawford (Cedertown) & Barbara-Massey Reese (Menlo).

Right now in Georgia & in most of the south, it is culturally unacceptable to be a Democrat. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. The setback continues a decade long decline for Democrats in rural Georgia, where they once dominated.

Democrats once used to be those who had their stronghold in the south among white conservatives. Nowadays Blacks, Gays, Urban White Liberals, Rural Progressives heavily support the Democrats.

As the dust settledafter another election year, here is a request to those individuals who place missing persons on milk cartons: could you help us find the real Southern white male democrats?

It is obvious that they are MIA when it comes to local and national politics.

All across GAwhite males that outwardly declare their Democratic pedigree are becoming increasingly scarce. They are constantly put in awkward positions on issues ranging from abortion to tort reform. They are not comfortable touting the party line, as their college buddies and co-workers shift their allegiance whole-heartedly to the Republican agenda.

They are being pressured to switch parties as the Democratic Party is labeled as “the Black people’s party, something I've heard tossed around recently in my neck of the woods. This makes them uncomfortable and when we need them the most they turn up missing.

Prior to the 1940’s, Blacks were loyal to the GOP because it was considered the party of Lincoln, the alleged “Great Emancipator.” The combination of Franklin Roosevelt’s public policies and the deliberate targeted protests, led by grassroots leaders like Fannie Lou Hamer, toward full political access, started the shift for Black Americans toward becoming almost monolithically Democrat.

This shift started to displace those white males who could not adapt to the times & the likes of George Wallace, Lester Maddox & Dick Nixon, who Nixon saw this demographic as a gold mine, sought to aggressively cultivate them. Since then, it has been a fight for Democrats to win the hearts and minds of Southern white males, who now felt at home with the GOP’s subtle agenda.

Under the guise of conservative family values, the Republicans have de-valued the need for hard-fought gains, such as affirmative action (which is sonething I think is no loner needed), and have escalated the level of fear by highlighting wedge issues like crime and religion. When a team needs to change their losing ways, they make adjustments in their personnel and their play calling. If the Democrats want to start winning elections again in Georgia, changes have to be made. Southern white male Democrats need to re-discover their political backbone, plain & simple.

The most realistic strategic objective is to diminish the intensity of white male opposition to the Democratic Party while retaining the support of key minority groups and bolstering suburban gains, especially among white women. To execute this strategy, embracing moderate positions on cultural issues based on mainstream values is a necessity. But for today's Democratic Party, neither cultural conservatism nor an anti-government stance is an option. If that is what it takes to regain full competitiveness among white men, the price is too high.

This is a dangerous time for the Democratic Party here in Georgia

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Anonymous said...

Did Zell Miller not call this in his book ? How long ago was that? I feel for you, the national Democrat party has pretty much destroyed any Southern Democrat. Surely, y'all saw this coming,you had about a 10 year heads up. This state and country needs to have 1) the democrats come back closer to the middle and away from the edge of the cliff 2) State and Federal spending reform 3)Term Limits

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