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Candiddates for DPG Leadership Elections on Jan 29 in Warner Robins

The deadline has passed & the field is now set for the DPG leadership Elections to be held on Jan 29 in Warner Robins. Here are the candidates:


Mike Berlon, Gwinnett County (Lawrenceville). He is the current President of the Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs and the outgoing Democratic Party Chairman in Gwinnett County. Berlon believes the time has come for new ideas within the Democratic Party. Berlon says democrats need a strong message about jobs, education and the economy. It’s time to start running the party as a business with measurable goals, strategic planning and accountability. It’s time for us to achieve our goals and actually put our theory into practice.”

Says Berlon: “We need to end the perception that we are a metro-Atlanta party and reconnect with democrats statewide. For too long, we have neglected democrats outside the metro area. We need to establish offices around the state. I believe the only way we can effectively rebuild the party is from the ground up at the county party level, precinct by precinct”

Darryl Hicks, Fayette County (FayettevilleHicks is a two time statewide candidate for Secretary of State & Labor Commissioner. He is the former Chief of Staff for the Fulton County Commission & lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light. Hicks hasn't released his platform for running for party chair. Hicks is a "Rurban" (Grew up in rural Georgia, Taylor County & now lives in a urban setting,Fayetteville)

1st Vice-Chair:

Wendy Davis, Floyd County (Rome). Davis is former campaign manager for gubernatorial candidate Gen. David Poythress & was National Field Director for 21st Century Democrats.

Nikema Williams, Fulton County, (Fairburn). Williams says her interests is a bright and vibrant Democratic Party in Georgia that results in a state that I can raise my children in knowing they will have a solid public education, excellent job opportunities and ...their rights will be protected

She works with Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Amy Morton, Bibb County (Macon). Morton is a Democratic Activist, Operates blog Georgia Women's Vote & is a strong advocate for getting more women elected to public office.

Vice-Chair of County Parties:

Chris Sloan, Troup County, (LaGrange). Sloan is chairman of the Troup County Democratic Party. Sloan says he entered this race because I refuse to buy into the message that the media is putting out about our party having the wrong message and that the midterms were a rejection of our party by the voters. I believe, as the son of a mill worker, that our party is still the party of employee protection and employee rights. We are still the party that champions the middle class, advocates for a quality education for all our children, and seeks opportunity for all in America. I believe that the election was not about our ideas it was about how they were communicated to the voters and it was about organization.

Will Fowlkes, Cobb County (Marietta). Fowlkes has a wealth of experience at both the local & national level, serving as Cobb County Democratic Party - Chair (2008 - 2010); Treasurer (2008); House District Captain for HD35 (2006-2008); Cobb Democrat of the Year (2008)Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs - Congressional Director (2008 - 2010); 2010 President's Award recipient, Democratic National Committee - Elected Pledged Delegate, Democratic National Convention (2008).

“For over a century, the Democratic Party dominated Georgia state and local politics“, Fowlkes said. “And it will do so again, if we proceed as a state-wide team and harness the numerous resources we already have at our disposal. This means investing in the existing county party structure, engaging our state party committee members, and empowering the members of our vast constituency groups to their fullest potential. This means defining a stronger message to the electorate of Georgia with an emphasis on education, jobs and the economy. This means truly addressing our infrastructure issues and defining clear solutions to those challenges. This means creating short term and long term plans with measurable goals and tracking those metrics. This means rebuilding the Democratic Party from the ground up and providing the necessary leadership training and tools to those yearning to lead. This means reestablishing the trust between the Party and the Democrat - across the entire state.”

RJ Hadley Rockdale County (Conyers). Hadley was a candidiate for the US Senate in 2010 & at-large delegate to the 2008 DNC. The November election results were disheartening to say the least. I can’t understand how the electorate would be so welcoming to a political ideology that promises less inclusion for the poor, less control for workers, and less educational options for those who need them most. At the same time, I was angered to see fellow Democrats who raced to embrace the opposition's ideology of fear rather than offer Georgia voters common sense alternatives. Post-election, some of these politicians have revealed their true intentions and I say ‘Good Riddance!’ to them. The challenges ahead are too great for our party to be saddled with lukewarm leaders and false champions of the cause says Hadley.

All three men have great qualities to become chair of county parties. The party will be in good hands whoever becomes the new vice-chair of county parties.............

Vice-Chair of Candidate Recruitment:

Winfred Dukes (I),Dougherty County (Albany)

Miguel G.Camacho Chatham County (Savannah)

Lauren Logan Benedict, Bibb County (Macon)

This is a critical position for the party & judging by Dukes's performance during thelast election cycle, its time for someone new to lead in this position. Basically anybody but Dukes. Benedict is a member of Macon City Council * one time candidate for HD 140. Camacho is a former delegate to the DNC.

Vice Chair of Constituency Groups:

Rep. Pedro "Pete" Marin (I) Gwinnett County (Duluth)


Laverne Gaskins (I) Chatham County (Savannah)


Russell Edwards,Clarke County (Athens)

State Sen. Lester Jackson, Chatham County (Savannah)

Edwards was a former candidate for the 10th Congressional District, Jackson is a member of the DNC & state senator out of Savannah. I don't have a clue about this race, but if I had to pick a favorite, it'll be Jackson because of Name I.D.

1st Congressional District Chair:

Jeana Brown, Wayne County ( Mckinnon). Brown is the founder & president of Team Rural, based in Wayne County. In addition she was Regional Field Director for the Democratic Party of Florida, Field Organizer for Obama for America (GA) & now a candidate for HD 178 special election set for Feb 2011.

William Claiborne, Chatham County (Savannah). Claiborne is a attorney, consel for Claiborne & Surmay, LLC. a graduate of Emory University in Political Science, '00.

2nd Congressional District Chair:

Jeanne Dugas, Muscogee County (Columbus). Dugas is a member of the State Democratic Committee.

Keith McCants, Macon County (Oglethorpe/Andersonville). McCants is Vice-Chairman of Macon County Democratic Party, Founder & Operator of Peanut Politics

Margaret Tyson, (I) Grady County (Cairo)

3rd Congressional District Chair:

Ken Spitze Carroll County,(Carroll County) Carrollton)

4th Congressional District Chair:

Linda Edmonds (I) DeKalb County

5th Congressional District Chair:

Kip Carr Fulton County, (Atlanta)

William Curry (I) Fulton County (Atlanta)

6th Congressional District Chair:

Ben Myers (I) North Fulton County (Atlanta)

7th Congressional District:

Steve Reilly

8th Congressional District Chair:

Stephanie Woods Miller, Bibb County (Macon), State Committee Member representing Jones County

9th Congressional District Chair:

David Robinson, Pickens County, (Jasper). Robinson is Chairman of the Pickens County Democratic Party

10th Congressional District Chair:

Patsy Harris

11th Congressional District:

Mary Caldwell, Floyd County (Rome)

Wendy Davis, Floyd County (Rome

JM Prince,

Don Wilson, Cobb County (Marietta)

12th Congressional District

R. Lee Webster, Burke County (Waynesboro)

Liz Johnson, Bullock County (Statesboro)

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Nikema Williams is also the former 1st Vice Chair of the Fulton County party, the present 13th CD Chairwoman, and National Committee Woman for the Young Democrats of Georgia.

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