Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Now for the Georgia Democratic Party?

I knew it was going to be a tough road for democrats last night, but not at the level I witnessed.

Democrats here bet the entire farm on this election & got swept. Zero Dems hold statewide offices.

Lost two formerly held democratic seats, HD 176 & HD 143. Only gained four seats out of a dozen races that fielded democratic challenges. Zero gains in the State Senate. Zip. Nada. Nil'.

There is no way to go but up, but its going to have to start at the state party, where the entire structure needs to be overhauled, or blown up & then start anew with new fresh faced, energetic leaders who will bring the party back to its roots & separate themselves from the National Democrats for good.

And to use the words of Patrick Davis, the party needs a stronger focus in developing the party in areas SOUTH of Macon. Areas such as Swainsboro, Statesboro, Moultrie, Ocilla, Waycross, Cordele, Dublin, Douglas, and Vienna. In addition, there has to be a better media strategy in these areas which lacks media.. The Dems got to do a better job of educating and SUPPORTING fellow Dems...

That is absolutely true!

Jane Kidd was elected in 2006 pledging to implement a 159 county strategy. Haven't seen it. Under her watch, democrats haven't won any statewide races, didn't made any significant gains in the State Legislature & in the process, lost more seats that they gained.

She's a nice lady & I was a supporter of hers, but as that old saying goes: "What have you done for me lately", well nothing. Its time to go!

Next the leadership in the House & Senate needs to change.

DuBose Porter left his seat to run for governor, so he won't be apart of the leadership once the legislature reconvenes. Carolyn Hughley, Calvin Smyre & others leaders of the house caucus has to go.

Same goes for the senate. Robert Brown is all but likely to run for Mayor of Macon next year, so it maybe time to replace as minority leader. JB Powell is no loner in the mix having waged a unsuccessful bid at Agriculture Commissioner, Tim Golden is Caucus chair & he maybe in line to become minority leader of the senate democrats.

Here's who I would like to see in these positions when the legislative session begins in 2011

Minority Leader: Alan Powell (D-Hartwell)

Minority Whip: Debbie Buckner (D-Junction City)

Caucus Chair: Mike Cheokas (D-Americus)

Caucus Vice Chair: Stacey Abrams (D-Atlanta)

Caucus Secretary: Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield (D-Atlanta)

Minority Leader: Tim Golden (D-Valdosta)

Minority Whip: Lester Jackson (D-Savannah)

Asst. Minority Whip: Steve Henson (D-Tucker)

Caucus Chair: Hardie Davis (D-Augusta)

Caucus Vice-Chair: Freddie Powell Sims (D-Dawson)

Caucus Secretary: Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta)

As for who should run for Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, here are some names who should or ought to be considered:

Jim Marshall political veteran who have written the playbook on how to win elections in rural Georgia. A conservative democrat, he has familiarity with small town Georgia & would be able to bring centrist/conservative white voters back to the democratic party as well as those Zell Miller Democrats back to the fold. He could move the party back to the days of David Gambrell (70-71) & Bert Lance (82-85), past chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party. He could run the party until possibly 2014 when he may run for office again, (Governor or US Senate)

Carl Camon. Camon is what I call "New Blood" the party needs to help reinvigorate themselves if they are to be competitive in the future. He wrote a great piece called" Is the Democratic Party losing its Democracy". He hails from South Georgia & would bring a new perspective to the party, as well as build up the grassroots base of the party in South Georgia. Don't close the door on Camon for office in the future

Carol Porter. Porter came out of nowhere to run a flawless campaign for Lt Governor. She went from a neophyte to legitimate contender over night with her rousing speech in pace of her husband, State Rep DuBose Porter at a Small Business meeting in the spring. She has brought new life to the party with her passionate speeches & her ability to draw support from republicans as well. She may well run for office again, but who knows.

Darkhorse Candidates

Ted Terry, Finance Director for John Barrow & former Ground Organizer for Democrats in Georgia

Graham Balch, former campaign manager for JB Powell

Quentin Howell, ex-candidate for HD 141 & Small Business Owner

Or there maybe a need for another democratic party that is geared more to the rural areas of the state, more toward voters who are more conservative than the more liberal counterparts. I wouldn't rule it out!


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, that map looks more blue than the 2008 presidential election...

Anonymous said...

If you reverse Tim Golden and Steve Henson in their positions, you would have a better line-up. As a part of the leadership, Tim Golden only went to the Well one time in 2009 and the first words out of his mouth were an apology for going to the microphone to make comments. Don't remember him going to the Well at all in 2010. Also, Tim Golden escorted Casey Cagle around Valdosta. Just don't see Golden as a dedicated player.

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