Friday, October 1, 2010

Will the NRA back Roy Barnes again for governor?

An endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) is seen as one of the biggest endorsements a candidate can get. In some cases it is, while in other cases is not (Rob Teilhet in 2010 Dem. Primary)

So here we are in a governor's race than many have rated as a Toss-Up two Pro-Gun candidates for governor vying to replace Sonny Perdue next year.

Roy Barnes was endorsed by the powerful gun group in '98 & '02.

Said Tanya Metaksa back in 1998: Roy Barnes is an NRA life member and he has the highest rating from the NRA a candidate may receive. "An experienced legislator, he truly shares NRA's bedrock principles of safety, responsibility and freedom."

Barnes' family had sold guns at the Barnes Store in Mableton for decades, and he learned to hunt at a young age. As a legislator, he has opposed waiting periods for gun buyers, but supported the instant background check that is currently part of state law.

His opponent Nathan Deal has also been supported by the NRA as well for his votes against anti-gun legislation as a former congressman from the 9th District.

We will have to wait & see if the NRA gets involved in this race before its all over.

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