Friday, October 1, 2010

Tommy Irvin, you sold out my friend!

Tommy Irvin has sold out Georgia Family Farmers to Gary Black & his big Ag & Lobbyist friends.

Retiring Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin has made his choice for Ag Commissioner & its not the family farmer JB Powell from Richmond County.......its the Big Ag Lobbyist Gary Black who challenged Irvin back in 2006 for the same job.

Here's what Irvin said: It’s a big job, a big department with a lot of people. He’s going to need some help,” said Irvin. And then he added: "I think he’s going to win."

FYI: Black used to be a democrat util he changed parties to run against Irvin in 2006, in which Irvin was very critical of during that time.

Like many Georgians I am concerned what may happen if Gary Black is elected as the next GA Ag Commissioner. Folks says Gary Black is the best qualified and most experienced candidate. BUT! He is supported by the same companies the GA Agriculture Commissioner is charged with regulating like Monsanto for example. How closely do you think he would be watching over these large agribusiness companies that back him and finance his campaign. He is strictly for large Agribusiness and food processing type companies instead of the GA farmer.

Im disappointed that Irvin would sell out Georgia Family & Independent farmers to Gary Black & his big business cronies.

Powell has run a flawless campaign thus far, unveiling new & innovative ways to improve on Georgia Agriculture & to bring horse racing to the state as well that in effect create jobs for Georgia's struggling economy. He has picked up significant crossover support from republicans including the endorsement from Darwin Carter, who worked in the Reagan Administration at the USDA.

Everyone has already given this race to Black, but I for one think this race is right there for Powell.

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