Thursday, October 14, 2010

HD 145: Talton Says he's running on his Record. If that's the case, why continue to Dodge challenger Fenika Miller in Debates?

For those who don't know, Over in the WarTown Warner Robins, there is a race to represent Warner Robins & RAFB in HD 145 between Willie Talton (R) & Fenika Miller (D).

For more than a month, Incumbent Willie Talton has ducked & dodge debating Fenika Miller, most recently this past Tuesday when we again skipped another debate hosted by the Concerned Citizens of Warner Robins.

Talton says he is running on his record? What record? One would think if that's the case, then he shouldn't mind going to debates & debating the issues against Miller concerning the International City, one of the fastest Growing Cities outside of the Metro Atlanta Area.

Talton has been a weak, lackluster, ineffective State Representative for the city of Warner Robins & RAFB since winning that district in 2005 when he was unopposed.

He opposed the creation of the Georgia Charter School Commission, which passed the House, he voted for the 2009-2010 state budget that included furloughing teachers, cuts (again) to education, cuts to child care & development black grants, the elimination of a Income Tax Cut for Georgians that are making $20,000 of less, etc.

What reason could it be that Talton continues to dodge debates with Miller?

Well someone who was great knowledge of politics over in Warner Robins may have said it best:

This person says he:
(1) doesn't feel threatened or
(2) doesn't care if he loses because Chuck Shaheen, mayor of Warner Robins is going to appoint him to be half of a City Manager anyway.

Then goes on to say: He's always been worthless as a State Rep. The Houston GOP should have tried to primary him before he lost them a seat.

With the election 3 weeks away, I doubt he'll change his mind & debate Miller, but the citizens of Warner Robins deserve to know where Talton stand on the issues that are affecting the District & defend his voting record.

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