Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can the BD-40 lead North Georgia Democrats to a resurgence in Nov?

Will the election of Joseph Mann, Jack Lance, Chris Irvin, or as I call them, The BD-40 (Bluedog Democrats under the age of 40) help lead the democrats to a resurgence in North Ga?

Most Certainly!

Next Month there is a strong possibility that democrats maybe on the verge of a comeback up in North Georgia.

Three Conservative Democrats are running for seats that they have a greater than average chance of winning on November 2.

They are:

State Senate 51 candidate Joseph Mann (D-Mineral Bluff)
State Rep 28 candidate Christopher J Irvin (D-Toccoa)
State Rep 8 candidate Jack Lance (D-Blairsville)

Each of these young, conservative democrats are running hard as we near the end of a long sometimes stressful campaign.

North Georgia was once a democratic bastion until the late 1980s/early 1990s when voters started changing their voting registrations & began to vote republican.

Then it really went bright red when Nathan Deal who won a seat in Congress as a democrat back in 1992 switched parties in 1995 & became a republican & every since then it has been difficult for democrats to win seats up in the North Georgia Mountain region (with the exception of Charles Jenkins, who lost to Stephen Allison in 2008 & Jeannette Jamieson, who lost to Michael Harden in 2008 as well)

This year North Georgia Democrats may finally break down that wall that has been difficult for the democrats to break thru with the election of Mann, Lance & Irvin.

Jack Lance, 30, the youngest of the three was served on the staff of then State Senator Carol Jackson (D-Cleveland) & former Governor & US Senator Zell Miller, who has endorsed Lance for HD 8. Lance attended Young Harris College & Mercer University

Joseph Mann, 32 is a Georgia Tech Graduate who founded Georgia Prime Real Estate & is a member of the American Cancer Society has gotten support from various Tea Party individuals up in North Georgia.

Chris Irvin, 35, is the grandson of outgoing Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin who founded is own business called Deercourt Enterprises & attended Piedmont College & Clemson University.

All three men are God-Fearing individuals who supports the right to life, staunch supporters of the right to bear arms & keeping government out of people's lives.

Mann, Lance & Irvin will each bring new, energetic leadership and fresh ideas to the General Assembly. Put these three fine individuals into office & let them bring prosperity to their constituents, as well as to the rest of Georgia.


Anonymous said...

Was not aware about the Tea Party support, but not surprising, since they are fiscal conservatives after all. I read this earlier, where the AJC notes, "Julianne Thompson, the Georgia coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, says 45 tea party groups across the state have come up with a platform that they’ll require candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and members of the Legislature to sign.

The first four are likely to be very, very popular with 236 state lawmakers – and the first one could be interpreted as a slap at Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal:

–State contracts cannot be awarded to the Governor, Lt. Governor, Legislators or their immediate families. This includes as contractors or subcontractors;"

Keith said...

Some of the Items the Tea Party are proposing looks & sounds good 7 will get alot of support. As for the others, its a toss-up.

The Three Dems up in North Ga all have a great shot of winning. Barring any mistakes I expect each of them to be victorious on Nov 2

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