Monday, September 27, 2010

Isakson Leading Thurmond in New Rasmussen Poll

Yesterday Rasmussen released a new Poll showing Isakson leading Mike Thurmond by double digits.

Johnny Isakson (R) 52%

Michael Thurmond (D) 36%

Chuck Donovan (I) 5%

Some other candidate 1%

Not sure 6%

The last poll by Rasmussen showed Isakson leading Thurmond 55% to 41%

Isakson lost 3%, while Thurmond lost 5%.

You would think Isakson would be up by 20 or more points over Thurmond by the barrage of Isakson Ads we've seen on TV lately. If Thurmond were to go on television with a Ad, (which I expect he will), he maybe able to bring Isakson down below the 50% range.

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