Friday, September 10, 2010

Is the GOP planning to use a "Mini Southern Strategy" in the Bishop-Keown 2nd Congressional District Race?

That's what I call this plan of attack

Last night I got a email from a unnamed source detailing the GOP's plan of attack against U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop (D) who is locked in a tight race with State Rep. Mike Keown (R) for the 2nd congressional district race.

Here's what it says:

GOP Plan of attack on Bishop is to mail negative pieces about Bishop's votes for cap-and-trade and health care to white voters while bombarding the airwaves with allegations of scandal, aimed more at turning black voters away.


This is what I call a "mini southern strategy" being possibly implemented here in the 2nd District. This is your classic divide & conquer tactic. Divide, or break up the coalition that Bishop has enjoyed since his election to congress in 1992.

Sending out the mailings to one segment of the population in the district about his votes for the controversial Healthcare Bill, which is seen by opponents of the bill such as the Tea Party & rank & file republicans & some conservative democrats as another "government handout" to the undeserving, or another form of welfare to the less fortunate that will increase taxes on small businesses & drive up the already runaway deficit. Cap and Trade is seen as a job killer, raising energy bills on consumers, & increasing taxes as well. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that those mailing will have much more on them than just detailing Bishop's votes for the two controversial legislative bills.

Then running negative campaign ads on "alleged" scandals involving Bishop in hopes of damping black voter turnout for Bishop, which will increase Keown's chances of winning the district that consist of 48% African-American population.

I hope this tactic doesn't materialize, but knowing the history of Washington Republicans since the days of Richard Nixon, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Keown has run a flawless campaign thus far & the thought of such a strategy being used may decrease his chances if winning against the incumbent Bishop, who was caught flat-footed this year, & have had some missteps along the way. No way he saw this coming, neither did his campaign.

Bishop who has had a center-right voting record for well over a decade has veered toward the left since the inauguration of Presdient Obama as president voting for big ticket liberal democratic items like Healthcare & the flop that was the Cap and Trade Bill, or "Climate Bill". Some of his longtime supporters wondered why he voted for such toxic pieces of legislation in the first place.

Was it because his allegiance for the president? Bishop served as vice-chairman (Hank Johnson, chairman) of the Obama campaign here in Ga during the 2008 elections.

Was it because he got caught up in the hoopla that was Obama & his moving rhetoric that in the beginning had people on the edge of their seats, believing in the Hope & Change message?

Some have suggested he might have been duped & conned in voting for a bill that 2/3rds of Americans were opposed to (Healthcare).

I don't know, but it sure is coming back to haunt him in a big way. Cook Political report has moved the race from a Safe, to likely, to now lean democratic seat.

Despite all of the hype surrounding the Jim Marshall-Austin Scott race, which I predict Marshall will win, this race is the darkhorse race to watch.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I look at the pictures you have on this website and can tell that you are a conservative Georgia Democrat. The old conservative Georgia democrats would not approve of the way Sanford Bishop has represented his district since 2006. Before 2006 Sanford was a conservative Georgia Democrat but not anymore. If Keown is going win this district he needs support from the conservative Georgia Democrats. Whether you are black, white, democrat, or republican Keown would make a much better representative for our district. Keown is not an extreme right Republican. His values and ideas are right in line with those of the old Democratic Party. Keown is a Georgian first. He will represent SWGA to Washington and not the other way around.

Keith said...

You are right on all fronts. Bishop was a center-right democrat until the dems took over the house.

He got caught napping at the wheel, thinking it was going to be another cruise of a re-election.

Keown is going to need conservative democrats & probably 10-13% of the Black vote to make victory possible.

I just don't hope this election will fall along racial lines. That I do not want to see. If Keown keeps doing what he is doing, he may well be my next congressman.

I not that familiar with Keown & he seems to be a nice guy, so I'll take a wait & see approach.

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