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Conservative Democrat Doug Heckman Billboards reaches out to Independent Voters

I like this!

Extreme Partisanship is Irresponsible and No Way to Represent this District

NORCROSS, Georgia – Doug Heckman, candidate for the House of Representatives in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, has taken over the billboards previously used by candidate Jody Hice in the Primary. These billboards inflamed partisan divisions with their caustic symbolism . Heckman’s new message on the three billboards summarizes his campaign theme of ending extreme politics as usual and getting back to statesmanship on behalf of the people: “Had Enough of Partisan Politics?”

Heckman remarked: “Partisanship is harming our government and grinding reasonable debate to a halt. These cynical rules of engagement are being practiced at the expense of our Country. Being very partisan helps one get re-elected.”

He said: “Leadership in this environment requires perspective and balance. My life experiences are qualitatively different from my opponent and have been honed in many different arenas such as business, the church, and my military service. I am a statesman, not a hardened ideologue.”

Heckman had previously commented on the fact that all Georgia Republicans, including his opponent, had to sign loyalty oaths pledging allegiance to their Party in order to qualify as candidates. “Woodall has come of age on the Far-Right being taught that the way to succeed is to be as partisan and purist as possible. It is the citizens of our Country who have been suffering as a result of this kind of politics.”

He also said: “I took an oath as an Army officer to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I find it disturbing that someone would make a pledge to a political party and then mindlessly spout partisan talking points because their GOP Party elders demand it.”

Heckman added: “Organizations you’ve never heard of control our politics through money and influence. Political insiders like my opponent have gotten used to the lobbying industry being the 4th branch of our Government. This has to stop. Independence from these influences and moderation is what is called for now more than ever.”

Heckman recently returned from his second military deployment to Iraq where he earned his third combat Bronze Star. He was stationed in the Baghdad area with other Special Operations soldiers. He previously served a tour of duty in Afghanistan in Oct 2001.

He has long-standing ties in the community and real-world experience in national security and in business. Doug Heckman is a West Point graduate and has two sons at West Point and one daughter at Norcross High School. Heckman also has an MBA from Duke University and has lived in the 7th District for 20 years with his wife and three children.

The location of the 3 billboards are: on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. (southbound just before South Berkeley Lake Rd.), I-85 South before the Beaver Ruin exit, and S.R. 20 southbound at the Braselton Hwy/124 intersection.

The 7th Congressional District is being vacated by John Linder who retired last year. His aide Rob Woodall is looking to replace Linder as congressman, but I always thought this race was a possible pickup for democrats this year despite the mood towards democrats & I still feel that way. Heckman's message ought to resonate with fustrated voters of the district.


Bill Orvis White said...

I just sent my $2400 check to the Honorable Rob Woodall. I think everyone who cares about this country's future needs to follow my lead. This is just another liberal Democrat who will be defeated in November.

Anonymous said...


Heckman is so full of BS he would sell his mother to the devil for a win! Also, Independents this year will vote probably for the Republican in the 7th. However they will have no choice in this race to pick a great candidate, so I suggest they write one in!

Anonymous said...

I find the military angle disturbing. Is he going to use weapons to get the two parties to "get along?" This will certainly turn off the peaceniks who might think about voting for Doug. This billboard is a lame attempt at pandering to the so-called "conservative Democrats," Independents and of course Republicans.

The truth is that Doug is a Republican in Democratic clothing. A few years ago, Doug decided to jump from the GOP because they didn't give him what he wanted. There was a Zell Miller-like falling out between Doug and the GOP fathers (aka greaseballs. Now, Doug is running a second time using the Democrat name. If he followed the GOP family plan, he would have signed their oath and been elected by now. Sorry, but many people on both sides of the spectrum can see through this shell game.

Keith said...


Why don't you think Heckman doesn't care about this country's future?

The man served his country twice in Iraq & once in Afghanistan.

I don't know if that sentiment is partisan based, but he is a attractive candidate that will get in my opinion crossover votes from republicans if he's successful painting woodall as a relic of discontent of washington.

Give the guy a chance!

Keith said...


I know alot of democrats in republican clothing, so its no big deal to me & I'm sure to the folks up in the 7th district.

The whole oath thing is a gimmick to me & a way to trap a politician. He whether its a dem or republican should have the right to represent the people in their best interest, not toe the party line

Anonymous said...

I'm making a big check out to Doug Heckman. The 7th district needs somebody with life experience and sound judgment which the Republican candidate doesn't have. The Republican candidate represents big money and special interests and not the people of the 7th district. We need somebody like Heckman who has more experience than working on Capitol hill all his life

Ken Leonard said...

Am I the only one who can count well enough to notice that the preponderance of anti-Heckman comments are from "Anonymous"? Are we supposed to give any credence to the opinions of people who refuse to identify themselves? Are there, anyhow, actually multiple people behind the multiple anonymous comments? If there are multiple people, I would still wonder whether they represented multiple, independent minds.

And, yes, I did notice that one pro-Heckman comment was from Anonymous--but my point stands.

Doug Heckman is running as a Democrat this year precisely because of the rabid uber-partisanship of the Republican Party--plenty enough reason for any rational and honest person to have a "falling out" with them.

I was a life-long Republican until, over the last several years, the national committee, the state committee, and essentially all of the candidates traded-in their patriotism for partisanship; traded-in debate for shouting and bleating; traded-in thinking for following the reeking bellwethers of privilege and division.

I'm supporting Doug Heckman because _both_ his Intelligence Quotient _and_ his Social Quotient exceed those of a roomful of Rob Woodalls.

Susan Baum Biondo said...

I voted and lived in recession proof Washington DC with Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, (Gore),and refused to vote or live with Bush 43/Cheney. Why?

There are Presidents and great men and woman who will make hard choices based only on competant information affecting the entire United States and consider themselves American's first and party followers second. Living and working outside the federal government in the D.C. area, observing the Presidents and all sorts of elected and non-elected candidates in the Congress and Senate, the better ones knew their actions affected the quality of our life throughout the US private sector dramatically. All these great men and women who dedicate themselves to America seem to have similar qualities and life experiences that Doug Heckman possess.

The best men and women were (are) well educated, common sense smart, broad in life experiences, have years of business experience, had assumed heavy responsibilities, and remained consensus builders, fearless in standing for the right things against party demands and extreme politics, self-sacrificing when necessary, lived your life, and not willing to lie or use Party propaganda to fool American voters into voting for them or buying into a special interest policy.

Then there are the other candidates like you see today twisting and turning to be a party member first, like saying they are supper conservative/Christian Republicans or Tea Party Republicans. I do not vote for candidates that are like the wind; ever changing for the current day of their Parties talking points and call other American's the enemy and you should not either.

Then there is Rob Woodall, candidate. He could be a nice, young, Republican man. He is not Doug Heckman however. Rob Woodall, with a degree in law, has been a basic "Hill worker" all his career. One of an estimated 10,000+ law degreed workers in the DC metro areas, who never held a major leadership position, never responsible for the financial income of others, never responsible for his own work - Linder took the credit or failure of his staff,- never responsible for a family or children, never responsible for the healthcare and welfare or being faithful to a wife, never responsible for up-keep of a home or raising or educating children, never borrowed or worried about sending kids to college, never served his country in time of world strife or two wars, never worried if he had to go back to school for re-education for a job, never even committed to Georgia as a full time home.

No in this critical, complex economic crisis, I will not be voting for a party or leader that is more worried about themselves, don't live like the rest of us do, and needs a huge learning curve, and doesn't know what it is like to sacrifice-self for fellow American's.

I'll be voting for the best qualified, best personal and business experienced leadership available and that is Doug Heckman.

Give him a chance to answer your call, I believe with all my 17 years experience in DC and my 13 years here, and 30 years in Ohio, that he will not fail you or Georgia.

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