Friday, September 17, 2010

IA/WSB-TV Poll: Barnes 42% - Deal 42%

The Race for governor is tied at 42% according to The Insider Advantage/WSB-TV Poll.

Here's what it reads:

Deal (R) 42%

Barnes (D) 42%

Mondes (L) 5%

Undecided 11%

Insideradvantage CEO Matt Towery:

“Clearly this was a tough week for Deal as the poll showed a substantial drop in support among female voters and nearly 10% of Republicans voting for Barnes. Barnes gained among independent voters but Deal still leads him in that category. There are two ways to look at this situation. Yes, the poll took place while news stories about Deal’s loans were coming out. But it also was taken before Barnes had the chance to run heavy ad buys beating Deal up on the issue.

What this really boils down to is whether Barnes’ status as a Democrat in a state where President Obama and Democrats in general are highly unpopular will keep voters in the Deal camp and turning out in higher numbers on election day. This poll in no way suggests that Deal is a “cooked goose.” However, the race is clearly up for grabs and likely will be competitive until election day.”

Well so much for the Survey USA Poll showing Deal with a 11% lead & you wonder why the DGA pumped $1 million into Barnes' campaign. If this poll was taken before Barnes started to run ads slamming Deal on his ethical issues, then Barnes is in good shape. Let's not forget about the ads the RGA began running desperately trying to tie Barnes to Obama, so we don't know how voters are thinking right now.

But Barnes is in good shape & Deal is stumbling a little bit. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, PeachPundit foreshadowed how unreliable the surveyusa poll was.

J said...

Crosstabs here.

Anonymous said...

Deal leads Barnes 45 percent to 41 percent, according to the poll conducted for The Telegraph, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other members of the Georgia Newspaper Partnership.

Read more:

Keith said...

With all of the unnerving issues surrounding Deal, now is the time along with highlightinng Deal's Ethics Troubles, he needs to get on the economy & the state budget.

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