Monday, September 20, 2010

Conservative Democrat Marjean Bord (D-Bainbridge) on Redistricting

The redrawing of legislative and congressional district maps will begin in earnest 2011 based on the new census data. Redistricting in Georgia is done by the state legislature.

After the 2000 census the Republican majority legislature drew the boundaries of each electoral district we have now. Taking a page straight out of the playbook of Democrats when they were in the majority, Republicans gerrymandered districts to achieve desired election results for their party.

The district that the voter resides in should be drawn so that voters know exactly where their district boundaries begin and end. Unusually shaped districts with distorted lines contribute to why many voters feel that voting doesn’t matter.

The politics need to be taken out of the redistricting process. Voters’ best interest should take top priority. The redistricting process should not become a partisan fight. I pledge that I will not create a party-friendly district to ensure I remain an incumbent. I will not be a participant in a partisan struggle.

I whole-hearted agree with Marjean on this topic. Bith Democrats & republicans have tainted the redistricting process.

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Unknown said...

Every bit of the process has been tainted by both parties. However - I find a Democrat or Republican - using the re-districting process as an election point as suspect.

Here's a real simple NON-PARTISAN approach.

Whatever the total US Population is - divide by 435. Take that number and divide Georgia's population to determine the number of districts we will have. I believe we will pick up a Congressional district, making it 14.

Now divide Georgia's population by 14, to get a tryue "per district number" to use.

First priority, keep county's whole. Enough with splitting county's up between 2-3 different Congressional districts.

Second, if the combination of whole counties comes up just shy of the "target" number, don't worry about it. A little less population in one district or another is not going to have massive effects if any when it comes to representation.

Start with the less populated counties first, then work in towards major population centers like Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, and Augusta.

RACE and VOTING RECORDS should NEVER be a factor in creating a Congressional District. It is time Georgians quit being so lazy regarding their politics, and GET INVOLVED. Learn who your candidates are, educate yourself on the issues and their voting records, and quit playing the party game. Also - if you are 18 and over, eligible to vote - GET REGISTERED and VOTE! Your vote does matter.

Many say - well I don't like the choices for candidates. DID YOU VOTE IN THE PRIMARY? If not, WHY NOT!? We had around 12% average of registered voters vote in the primary July 20. We should have 100%, and if we did, you would have better candidate choices. The primary election is critical - it is YOUR TIME and YOUR OPPORTUNITY to say - THIS PERSON IS WHO SHOULD BE MY CANDIDATE!

If you don't vote in the primary - then don't complain there are no good choices in the general election.

Anyways - people need to wake up. All of you have been lied to, snookered, given the ole bait and switch. That's why Congress keeps screwing with us, and politicians will lie to you during the campaign and do what they fully intend once in office.

Only by being watchful and educated voters can we truly clean up Congress and make them listen to us.

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