Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where is the Sense of Urgency, the Energy Among Georgia Democrats?

This has not gone unnoticed not just by me but other democrats in the state that democrats here are not showing the fire in the belly & the sense of urgency needed to win in November.

It’s easy to see a lack of urgency among democrats here in Georgia, especially what the pundits are predicting in November for democrats & that is a doom & gloom scenario that the party, after being in the minority of the House of Representatives for 12 years could lose it all in just 4 short years of rule by governing in a way that middle-of-the-road voters see as a shift toward a more liberal United States or as some think "socialism" or a "European Style of Government".

They also can lose the U.S. Senate as well, but many think that they'll hold on to control of the Senate. We'll see about that.

But Democrats here can't let what's going on inside the Beltway dampened their enthusiasm for what could happen here in Georgia & that is the possibility of regaining control of the governor's mansion for the first time in 8 years, the possibility of electing the first female Lt. Governor in Carol Porter, & maybe picking up other or maintaining control of several statewide offices in the process.

In addition democrats could pickup seats in the State House of Representatives, where there are great candidates running for seats like John Tibbetts (HD 153), Jack Lance (HD 8), Mar jean Boyd (HD 172), Fenika Miller (HD 145), David Gault (HD 125) & others, as well as the State Senate where you have more good candidates in the form of Floyd Griffin (SD 25), Joseph Mann (SD 51), Tracy Bennett (SD 31), Jim Nichols (SD 17), Griffin Lotson (SD 3)running for seats in November.

Democrats are so dispirited right now that some big money democratic donors here in the state who gave in '08 are sitting on their hands this ear because they think "What's the use of me donating cash to the party if we doesn't stand a chance in hell of winning in November due to missteps & bad calculations by democrats in D.C that's causing this snow ball effect that may drive the party out of power in Washington"?

That's the problem, what's going on in Washington, should not have any bearing on what's going on here in the state where we have critical issues that need addressing like our schools, taxes, public safety, transportation, water, jobs, revenues, etc. That should be enough for democrats to be motivated in getting out & help put middle-of-the-road democrats with common sense, mainstream solutions in office to help solve these problems.

Nothing else creates a sense of urgency like the threat of the unknown. Th unknown is what type of governor Nathan Deal will be. No body knows. No body knows what his plans are in fixing the problems created under a GOP-controlled State Government will be. That alone should be enough to get democrats who are not excited about their prospects in Washington off their butts & get involved in helping the democrats win statewide offices & picking up some legislative seats.

I read a lot about highly productive people, and from what I learn, there seems to be a common trait behind them all. This trait makes the difference between the average and the superior performers. The common trait is a sense of urgency.

A sense of urgency drives people to work much harder than normal. It makes them work as if their lives depend on it. That's what is lacking among Georgia Democrats right now, that sense of urgency. Lose this election & the party as a whole in suffer in the wilderness of the next 4,8, or more years. There seemed to be a sense of comfort among Georgia Democrats when Roy Barnes looked as he would cruise to the nomination (which he did) & that may be why the sense of urgency hasn't crept in......YET!

Once someone is trapped in that comfort zone, he / she loses the sense of urgency. There is no reason for him /her to work hard and excel. He falls prey to the trap of mediocrity & that is a fear among those activist who are out there working their tails off trying to help the party in November.

One way I say to get the Democrats to have a more sense of urgency is to get them to see themselves on the losing side. This attitude is important to avoid comfort zone. If they feel that their chances of winning may have gone up by the election of Nathan Deal as the GOP nominee & the cloud of a indictment hanging over his head, then there’s a danger that they will feel comfortable and slow down. So what they ought to do is look around and find someone who is better than he/she are in an area. Then put themselves on the losing side and that creates a sense of urgency to keep the momentum going.

Another one is to be aware of potential danger of a Nathan Deal Governorship.

Like I said earlier, no body knows what kind o governor Deal will be if he were to win. No one knows what his policies will be after a weak 8 years of leadership under George "Sonny" Perdue. If Georgia Democrats can’t even feel the danger, how can they feel the urgency? So dems ought to widen their perspective and see what’s going on in this state along with its potential danger & that is a Nathan Deal Governorship.

People are motivated when they are convinced of the correctness and the urgency of goals to the extent that they are eager to act, and keep acting, to reach those goals regardless of what others do or think. Democrats may also need emotional support from others to promote action. But we cannot say Georgia Democrats are motivated in the true sense unless they carry on for their own reasons, with, or without support from others.

But the way I look at it, democratic candidates should be the ones that motivates their core supporters on their goals & that wlll trickle down to the grassroots activist on the ground to carry out that message.

Voters must understand what their goals are, and why they hold them, candidates should be able to articulate reasons for their direction. The candidate must use persuasion to convince voters using good arguments, good illustrations & a good demeanor. Emotion is also a effective tool to move the masses in your favor.

But they need to be careful not to overuse emotional and support techniques, because the voters will have to eventually do without this support in large measure.

Also the power of influence is a key. Democratic candidates & the grassroots activist should ask the average voter to spend time imagining with Roy Barnes as governor or Darryl Hicks as Labor Commissioner how he/she could enjoy a better future with him at the helm. This involves thinking about the other when we are not with them.

But to sum it all up to be successful here in GEORGIA in November, democrats need to develop a sense of urgency among themselves & hit the ground running. That's the only way I see core democratic supporters (African-Americans, Die in the Wool Liberals, Women & Young, College Aged voters to the polls). The thought of the unknown, (a Nathan Deal Administration) should be enough give enough urgency to democrats to get out in force & keep the Unknown Nathan Deal out of the governor's mansion. Will Democrats find that sense of Urgency before its too late? Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

This post is on the money keith. the urgency is lacking among dems. my hope is they come around soon. great post keith. you hit the nerve of the problem facing dems.

Anonymous said...

The problem I see is not from DC down but no cooperation on the game plan. No-one agreeing on anything. This should be one for all and all for one; sadly it's all personality gaming.and an uninspired electorate. Nice article Keith.

michael smith said...

Important post, thanks! Look no further than Russell Edward's mission to level Congressman Paul Broun Jr. in November to find all the energy you need, and more!

Keith said...

Russell Does have a energized Grassroots up there to help him kick Paul Broun out of office. I wish that level of euthusiasm was like that statewide. Only in local races for State Rep & State Senator is where I see excitement among the democratic base.

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