Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keown gets Armey Endorsement. Does he have the big "MO" right now?

Mike Keown (R-Coolidge) who is giving Sanford Bishop the fight of his political life got the endorsement of Dick Armey,chairman of Freedomworks on Tuesday as he was in Albany signing copies of his new book. This is the highest profile endorsement Keown has gotten to date.

And it makes me wonder will any D.C. Republicans will come down to help Keown unseat Bishop? Someone like Tom Price or a Mike Pence of Indiana? And if that were to happen, it wouldn't surprise me to see Bishop bring in someone like Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack or even the president or first Lady Michelle Obama for starters. But for the first lady to come dow, he would have to be on the brink of defeat for her to come down to rally his base of Albany, Columbus, & Ft. Valley. He's tied to the president by his votes for emotionally charged bills like the Healthcare Reform, Cap & Trade (that didn;t even make it out of Congress, & other votes as well).

Keown has momentum right now, but will it be enough to knock off a entrench incumbent in a gerrymandered district which African Americans make up close to 48% of the population?

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