Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleepy House Race to keep an eye on down in SE Georgia: House District 180

In Camden County, the race for HD 180 is between Adell James & Jason Spencer, who defeated Cecily Hill in a runoff on Aug 10 for the right to represent the coastal County located dowm in the extreme SE Georgia Corner.

The campaigns could not be any different:

Spender, a Tea Party Candidate who started two coastal Georgia Tea Party Movements is running on Tort Reform, Healthcare, Term Limits. Spencer says his decision to run for the Ga State Representatives is the recent government takeover of Healthcare. If that's the reason, he should have run for congress. (Being a state rep cannot affect the outcome of Healthcare.) Here's something interesting he said: Our government at the federal, state, & local level have been taken over by one party and that's the party of Big Government. (Well the state is being run by the GOP, which has driven this state to a path that it maynot be able to come back from, the federal Gov't is run by Dems who have impelmented Big Government initiatives & as for local, GIVE ME A BREAK).

Bascially Spencer will be running on national issues instead on local, state issues that are afefcting HD 180.

Then there's James, who is running on Housing, Education Reform, Healthcare Reform & Jobs. Adell has been employed with the Camden County Board of Education for the past thirty five years. She spent nineteen yrs as an elementary and middles school teacher. Her leadership roles have been: Assistant Principal, Principal, and Alternative School Director. She will retire on June 30, 2010 as Director of Recruiting. Other accomplishments include: Camden Board of Directors, Governor’s Leadership Academy, Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL), Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals, Georgia Association of Education (GAE), National Association of Education (NAE), Albany State University Alumni, Ralph Johnson Bunche High/Camden County Training School Alumni, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA), Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority (ADK), National Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Teacher of the Year (Mary Lee Clark Middle School), 1987, Georgia Association of Alternative Education.

The differences in this race are stark: a Tea Party, Constitutionalist republican candidate Jason Spencer, & a moderate, community consciousness democrat in Adell James.

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