Monday, August 23, 2010

Marjean Boyd: Conservative Roots & Hometown Values

Raised on a farm in Miller County, Marjean Boyd knows was instilled with the values of hard work, family, ommunity & the respect for others. As she embarks on her quest to represent the good people of House District 172, Boyd says she is ready to get to work solve the many issues the people of Decatur and Grady Counties face.

Boys is steep in experience when it comes to education: 17 years as educator and senior-level administrator at Bainbridge College and 12 years as a classroom teacher at the high-school and technical-college level. She graduated with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from (FSU) Florida State University & obtained a Master’s in Business Education from (UGA) University of Georgia.

Boyd, a conservative democrat (or what I like to call a Values Democrat) has served on numerous statewide, local boards for well over 20 years.She wants to ensure the interests that have not been served now have a voice. At the same time, she wants to serve even better the interests that have been heard.

She will fight to fully fund education, fight for water rights of Southwest Georgia 7 regulations that has been placed on water & to spur economic growth & sustain economic development.

She faces Gene Maddox (R), a retired veterinarian from Grady County in the General Election.

She will be Be a strong advocate and accessible representative & Be a leader who listens to her constituents as well. One of her biggest issues is to get rid of regulations imposed by the State Government. She says "local governments must allocate as much as 25 percent of their budgets to pay for unfunded mandates. The unfunded mandates take control out of the hands of local government and add to already heavy tax burdens. They force local taxpayers to pick up the tab & unfunded mandates not only affect citizen’s pocketbooks, they violate the principles of accountability, responsibility, and fairness. If state policies are important enough to justify a mandate, the state should find a way to fund them". I agree with that notion.

This has been a long held democratic seat until Maddox defeated the democratic challenger in 2004. This is the year that this seat is put back in the hands of a downhome, conservative democrat with hometown values that better reflects the district as a whole.

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