Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Candidate Spotlight: Doug Heckman (D-Norcross), 7th Congressional District

Doug Heckman (D-Norcross) is the lone democrat in the race to replace John Linder as Rep of the 7th District. The seat was left open after the retirement of Lnder earlier this year who decided not to run for re-election.

The Conservative Democrat served in active Duty for 8 months, lived on US Army base in Baghdad. As a Special Forces Colonel, briefed the US Commanding Generals on the daily activities of Green Berets and Navy SEALs across the battlespace. Earned my third Bronze Star.

He served as US Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel while in Afghanistan in 2001 & 2002. He is a graduate of West Point where he currently has two sons who are attending the military institute.

He was a Managing Director for a $40 billion asset management firm, before that he was as a Managing Director for a global asset management firm with $50 billion in assets and I served on the 5 member US Board of Directors.

Past President, local Homeowners Association (3 years)
Advisory Board – Operation One Voice
Boy Scouts – numerous positions (current)
Serve as leader on Senator Johnny Isakson’s Academy Selection Board
Serve on Investment Committee for West Point Endowment (current)
BS – United States Military Academy at West Point – 1981
MBA – Duke University – 1989

This is his second run for congress, last time in 2008, he got 38% of the vote, the most a democrat has gotten in that district since the early 90s.

If elected, his priorities are: Jobs, Education, Energy & National Defense.

But one of the biggest issues this election will be fiscal responsibility. From his website Heckman says:

Democrats and Republicans both shoulder blame for the national government’s lack of fiscal discipline. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, the Republican-controlled US Congress of 2003-2007 and the Democrat-controlled legislature of 2007-2008 rang up a combined $110 Billion in pork-barrel projects, which does not include expenses for the War on Terror. The new 2009 Budget has been submitted by the President and is already in deficit by over $400 Billion— unacceptable!

I couldn't agree more Mr. Heckman!

His plan to reduce government spending include things such as:

Reform broken programs and channel money into important projects. For instance, this year’s IRS operating budget was $11 billion. Our national tax code is so complicated that it takes a huge bureaucracy working lots of hours to determine each citizen’s taxes and enforce payment. By completely overhauling and simplifying the tax code, we could channel a lot of money towards other important projects while reducing spending. For example, we might cut the IRS budget to $6 billion, spend $3 billion more on education, and cut $2 billion completely. This is just one example of how we might increase funding for important programs while cutting overall spending

Institute a Balanced Budget Amendment that contains a Pay-As-You-Go provision. Our government should keep spending in line with revenue except in specific extenuating circumstances. This will prevent our racking up trillions more dollars in debt. Limiting the national debt will increase the value of the dollar and improve Americans’ buying power in world markets. That's what I'm talking about!

Heckman will face one of 8 republicans vying for the republican nomination for the 7th District. This is a Open seat that, if with the right assistance from DCCC & the State Democratic Party, Heckman can win this seat in the fall. Looking at the weak & underwhelming field of republican candidates, Heckman has a Great shot of winning that seat. Vote For Doug Heckman!

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