Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who will secure the Endorsements of Ga Association of Educators, Professional Association of Georgia Educators & Other Teacher Organizations?

In the Democratic Primary?

Whoever can secure the endorsements of one, if not all of these organizations will be in the driver's seat to secure the democratic nomination.

Let's take a look at each organization.

Professional Association of Educators (PAGE):

The state's largest organization for professional educators, is a nonunion association of more than 72,000 teachers, administrators and support personnel members with the purpose of promoting better education for the children of Georgia.

Georgia Association of Educators (GAE):

The Georgia Association of Educators is a professional GRASSROOTS organization for public education professionals with more than 40,000 members across the state.

There are more out there, but the biggie is the GAE. whoever can corral the endorsement of this powerful organization will be in the driver's seat for the democratic nomination & possibly the general election.

If Roy Barnes manages to secure the endorsement, its game over.

If Gen Poythress secures their support, he will be in the runoff with Barnes

If DuBose Porter picks up their endorsement, it'll help his campaign tremendously, possibly inching his way past Poythress in the runoff

If Baker gets their endorsement, he'll have a shot at be in the runoff with Barnes.

But its too soon to say who'll be the top two vote getters in the democratic primary.

This election is critical for Public Education in Georgia. Gov. Sonny Perdue and the GOP-dominated General Assembly are starving schools and school salaries while “they assiduously pump up competing marketplace options such as charters, home and private schools.

Proposals by the GOP legislature like giving local school districts flexibility in spending and freedom from state mandates. Among the mandates: teacher salaries, curriculum decisions and class size instead of a fair funding formula or creating a state commission that can override locally elected boards of education, forcing local districts to accept charter schools and supporting those schools with their taxes are non-starters.

One bill that was pushed encourages corporations and individuals to donate money to pay for public school students to attend private schools by offering tax credits for such donations. That’s a back-door tactic for transfering public money to private schools.

Let's face it Republicans here in the state want to decimate the public school system here in Georgia & if they are successful in winning the governor's mansion & increasing their majority in the legislature, that's exactly what's ging to happen.

The one candidate to watch out for here is DuBose Porter. Will all of his hard work on behalf of education here in Georgia payoff with a endorsement from the powerful teacher group, or will they put their arms around Gen. Poythress & say you're our guy, or will apologies from Roy Barnes be enough for them to give him their ok?

We'll find out very soon!


Anonymous said...

PAGE doesn't endorse candidates - the GAE endorsement will drive the election from what of the all media types have reported.

Keith said...

If that's the case, if they throw their support behind Barnes, its ligth out for the others. The Education vote will be critical in this year's election. Without it, you will go no where, especially in the democratic primary

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