Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SWGAPolitics.com Candidates Forum Saturday Night in Dougherty County

This Past Saturday Night, SWGAPolitics.com hosted its first ever candidates forum wich featured more than 30 candidates from both local & statewide.

Some of the statewide candidates who were there included:

Republican Jeff May & John Douglas, who are both running for the GOP nomination for PSC District 2 Commissioner seat

Darwin Carter, who is battling Gary Black for the GOP nomination for Agriculture Commissioner

Sam Olens, Preston Smith & Max Wood (couldn't remember if he or a representative was there) spoke to the crowd. All are running for Attorney General

U.S. Senate Candidate RJ Hadley,who is battling Mike Thurmond for the democratic nomination

Brian Westlake & Joe Martin, candidates for State School Superintendent, Kira Willis, Richard Woods & John Barge

Seth Harp, Dennis Cain for State Insurance Commissioner

Melvin Everson for Labor Commissioner

Rick Allen & Lee Ferrell for second congressional district

DuBose Porter & David Poythress was the only gubernatorial candidates for governor who showed up: Baker, Barnes was a no-show. No GOP candidates were there

and many more candidates for local races in Albany & statewide as well

The event started a lil before 6p.m & ended after 9p.m.

A few candidates that were really impressive were Jeff May, PSC Commission candidate, Darwin Carter, Agriculture Commission candidate, Brian Westlake & Dennis Cain who is running for Insurance Commissioner & of course Dubose Porter & David Poythress.

Gen David Poythress at SWGAPolitics Forum

Hats off to the SWGAPolitics.com for pulling off such a event

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