Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did the election of Barack Obama Transformed Sanford Bishop in a way that it may cost him his seat in November?

Sanford Bishop faces his first legitimate challenger since 2000 when Dylan Glenn, a black republican took on the democrat wtih Bishop getting 54% of the vote, Since then, its been a easy ride for Bishop.

Until Now!

State Rep. Mike Keown (R-Coolidge) threw his hat into the ring to face Bishop for the Second District, along with Lee Ferrell & Rick Allen.

What made this race a competitive race & a race that GOP might send resources into was the face that Bishop voted for a Healthcare Bill that 2/3 of Americans was opposed to, before that, he voted for the Cap & Trade Bill.

Bishop has voted more liberal that at anytime his long career & it has gotten him in hot water among his constituents.

And at the end of March, Congressman Bishop co-signed a bill, HR 1416, that has received little press. The purpose of this bill is to reduce the effectiveness of the ethics reform that was put in place in 2008. Bishop has never voted like this. Not like a Atlanta/Washington Liberal Democrat, that is.

All of these, what I call potential "career ending" votes coupled with the mood of the voters who are fed up with congress & runwaway government may be enough for Keown to win that seat since Howard "Bo" Callaway won that seat in 1966, running as a "Goldwater Republican".

Bishop got caught up in the Obama hype & started believing President Obama’s promise to transform America and decided to transform himself from a Blue Dog southern Democrat to a more party line democrat in a district that was split 50/50 when it came to the Healthcare reform.

In the last half of 2006 he scored an average of 70 with an overall for the 109th Congress of 42. Then in the 110th Congress (2007-08) he dropped to a score of 11 with ZERO for all of 2008. What happened?

Bishop maybe also taking his re-election lightly. There is not any sense of urgency from Bishop nor his camp. Keown is working his butt off going all over the district. You can't go no where without seeing a Mike Keown Yard sign, or Road Sign posted.

Bishop was caught sleeping at the wheel, thinking that this was going to be another typical re-election & as he is finding out, folks here in the district are riled up over the expansion of government, high unemployment & a deficit crisis that is spiraling out of control. Bishop better get his head out of the clouds & get back in line with his more centrist/conservative minded Bluedog Buddies, or there is going to be another Scott Brown type of victory here in the second district in november

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Teresa Knight said...

If the people will wake up and check the voting record and stop listening to the lies of the politicians, we may still be able to claim our country back. It is too late for Bishop to say anything. His record is proof of where he is at and it is not in listening and representing the people. Boot Bishop!!!

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