Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hart County wants Energy Plant

Up in NE Georgia, Hart County is a finalist to land a new “green” plant that would generate energy by burning poultry litter, The Hartwell Sun has learned.

A Hart County facility would be located near the junction of Interstate 85 and Highway 77.

The plant would be a major employer and provide a substantial boost to the county tax base.

Hart County Industrial Development Authority director of economic development Dwayne Dye, county administrator Jon Caime and Board of Commissioners members Joey Dorsey, Ken Brown and Dan Reyen made a trip to Minnesota over the past weekend and inspected an operating facility.

A renewable energy business is performing initial due diligence in our area,” said Dye, who has been pursuing Fibrowatt for more than three years.

Fibrowatt LLC is owned by Homeland Renewable Energy of Pennsylvania. Its management team is the only one in the world that has experience developing and operating poultry-litter fueled power plants.

Fibrowatt CEO Rupert Fraser in an interview with Energy Today magazine, the Benson plant burns more than 500,000 tons of turkey litter per year alongside other biomass. In the Southeast, Fraser said the biomass primarily would be chicken litter.

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