Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tracy Bennett (D) for Senate District 31: My kind of Democrat

Up in Northwest Georgia, Tracy Bennett (D-Cartersville), a conservative democrat will run for SD 31 held by incumbent Bill Heath (R-Bremen) who faces a primary challenge from Pete Bridges (R-Tallapoosa).

Here's a little what Bennett says:

I was raised as a conservative Georgia democrat. As a conservative Georgia democrat, when it comes to national politics, I'm sure I stand with many on the right. I do not share all the views of Washington Politics, but this is not Washington, this is Georgia, this is Our backyard, where Georgia Democrats have done some great things for our communities and our state, i.e. The HOPE Scholarship, Peach Care for Kids, and the Georgia Lottery to Support Education, just to name a few.

He says he was asked to switch parties to improve his chances of winning this race but decided against it because (1) he would never sign a republican pledge card to sign my allegiance to the party. My allegiance is only to God, Family and the
People I serve! (2), if he had changed parties after expressing my belief that it should not be about parties, but the person, what does that make him?

Bennett is:

For Jobs & A Stronger Economy
For Working Families
For Main Street & Small Business
For Christian Values
For Teachers, Seniors & Public Safety
For Common Sense Government

Bennett affirms Christian and Family values! Tracy will support the working class families, and the small business owners (the main street and backbone of progress for our communities). Tracy will fight to protect homeowners from unscrupulous lenders and developers.

Tracy does not believe that government should compete with the private business sector. Tracy believes in logical laws that protect and serve the community. Tracy believes that the government is to support, serve, and protect the rights of the people, not slowly strip the American People of their rights, to work for
the people and not be a burden on the people. Tracy believes that less government is better government.

In addition: he supports
Bikers and Motorcycle Enthusiast
Families that live with Autism
Hunters and Gun Enthusiast

Second Amendment and the NRA. He is a member of the National Rifle Association. I Sometimes, its not the party that you vote for, but the person you vote for,
that will make a difference in YOUR life!

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Anonymous said...

Being that senate seat is a open seat, he has the right profile & background to win that district come november. He's the kind of democrat that has been on a downward trend in this state. Hopefully that'll change this fall.

Im with you, that's my kind of democrat as well.

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