Friday, May 28, 2010

Senate District 23: What Gives Democratic Party of "Georgia"?

Its been over a month since J.B Powell (D-Blythe)decided to forgo re-election to his state senate seat to run for State Agriculture Commissioner.

The guy who was going to replace him for Senate Seat 23 was L. Baxter Garvin (D) of Richmond Co, but there was one problem: HE DIDN'T LIVE IN THE DISTRICT, & as a result he decided against running for the senate seat.

All hope appeared to be lost for the democrats when it appeared at first that Jesse Stone (R) was going to just waltz his way to a senate seat without having to campaign for it.

Then entered Chuck Pardue (D-Blythe), an attorney who began to actively seek the signatures needed to run as an independent candidate for Georgia Senate District 23.

He needs approximately 3.958 or 5% of signatures on a petition to get himself on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent candidate.

But he hasn't gotten the necessary signatures needed to get on the ballot to keep that seat from going into republicans hands.

So its time to ask the following questions:

(1) Is the Democratic Party of Georgia assisting Mr. Pardue gather the necessary signatures to get on the ballot?

(2) Are there any field canvassers up in SD 23, assisting Mr. Pardue in gathering the signatures needed?

(3) What about the Young Democrats of Georgia? Are the regions of Middle & Northeast Ga Chapters of the YDG involved in asisting Pardue get on the ballot?

Remember when Michelle Conlon was forced to run as an independent instead of as a Democrat because Republican Secretary of State Karen Handel refused to reopen campaign qualifying for Democrats after another Democratic candidate was disqualified for residency reasons. In that race, she got on the ballot with the assistance of the DPG & YDG as well.

This is a seat that democrats can ill-afford to just hand over to the GOP. All Pardue needs is 3,958, the 5% needed to get on the ballot. The number of registered voters in District 23 is 79,179. I don't know why he's seek at least 4,500 signatures to get on the ballot, maybe to guard against any potential disqualifications when the secretary of state's office reviews the petition. That maynot seem like alot to the average voter, but it takes hard work to get those signatures & Chuck Pardue can't do it all by himself.

So Democratic Party of Georgia, you have basically 1 month remaining to help Chuck Pardue in gathering the signatures needed to get on the November ballot. It time to show that you all care about the rural democratic candidates for once.

Its time to PUT OR SHUT UP!


Anonymous said...

Just curious, but has Pardue reached out to any of these groups himself? I rarely will help anyone who can't be bothered to ask and ask nicely.

Also, how do we know what kind of a candidate he is? Where can folks find out? if he's no better than the R running, why bother..

Your blog post had such a hard edge to it, why would I choose to help this guy?

Ever heard of catching bees with honey?

Keith said...

It sounds like to me that if he's a conservative democrat that you & possibly other democrats would rather let the seat to to the GOP.

This man wanted to run for the state senate as a democrat, but he didn't know Powell was gonna leave to run for Ag Commish. Had he know Powell was going to do that, he would have qualified to run as a dem, but like I said Powell surprised everyone with his decision.

Yes he has reached out to the DPG. Dems like myself & other rual dems feel there is a doube standard when it to rural democrats & urban/suburban democrats.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that independent candidates have a hard time winning. The Michelle Conlon example is a good one. She was a good candidate who got in through signatures, had the support of the democratic party, but she lost against a vulnerable republican.

Keith said...

Pardue is the democrat in this race despite trying to run as a indy.

he will have the support of the two demcratic reps in the district as well as powell and john barrow who will cruise to re-election against token repub opposition.

the conlon situation is far different than pardue. she had to unseat a incumbent who switched parties, the 23 seat is a open seat.

Anonymous said...

why don't you take your butt up to Pardue's district and help him get signatures instead of bitching about what the DPG is or isn't doing. You, McCants, should either Put or Shut up!

Keith said...

Lol!!! Hey I must have hit a nerve judging by your reaction.

Had they sent the help necessary for Pardue to get those signatures, all of this would be over with.

You call it "BITCHIN", I call it telling it like it is & I'm going to continue to tell it like it is in regards to this race as well as other things that the DPG are not doing in reagrds to helping rural democrats.

You can't be from Rural Ga & if you are, you must a left-winger.

Oh if Mr. Pardue wanted my help, I be happy to get up there to help.

This man right here is not sitting on his ass all day long. I'm helping three democratic candidates with their races as well as working full-time, so don't come at me with that S***!

Since you're so hot about it, why don't you go over there this weekend & help gather signatures for Mr. Pardue

Unknown said...

I am asking help from everyone. I am very grateful for the volunteers all over the 23rd Senate District soliciting signatures. Of course we need more help in the last 40 days to meet or surpass the target of 3,961 signatures from registere. This is a strong Democratic area. J.B. Powell beat the last Repubican 66% to 34%.It would be a shame to lose it by default. New web site is

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