Friday, May 28, 2010

I Don't Buy this Poll as far as I can throw it!

The Insider Advantage Georgia came out yesterday with a new poll showing Roy Barnes with a whopping 64% in the democratic primary.

Here's the rest:

Barnes, 64 percent

Porter, 8 percent

Baker, 6 percent

Camon, 5 percent

Poythress, 1percent

Mangham, 1 percent

Bolton, 0 percent

No opinion, 15 percent

First of all, Barnes with 64% is very, very hard to believe. One logic to this if it is trure is because he is coming with new ads it seems just about every week.

And how in the hell is David Poythress only garnering 1% of the vote, tied with RANDAL MANGHAM????????? Trailing Carl Camon who's getting 5%??? (Don't get me wrong, I love Carl, but how is this possible)?

Thurbert Baker at 6% & DuBose Porter at 8%?

In regards to Porter, who I also like, he's was so giddy about this poll that he sent out this press release:

Have you heard the news?

The latest poll shows that I am now #2 in the Democratic Primary race for Governor, moving ahead of Attorney General Thurbert Baker.

Please contribute today to help us continue this momentum.

REALLY??? Come on DuBose, this is nothing to be bragging about!

Gen. Poythress is the only democrat besides Barnes that is running an ad & he's only getting 1%

I lobe the insider Advantage & I hold them in high regard, but I'll take this poll with a grain of salt. They ought to know better that to release a ridiculous poll like this.

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