Friday, May 28, 2010

Avoid the Dangerous Liberal Waters: It Hazardous to your Political Health!

Its during the hot July Summer. The temperature in 98 degrees with a heat index of 113 degrees. And you see a lake or near a beach. And you want to get into those waters so bad to give you some much needed relief. BUT! There is a beware sign at that lake or a beach somewhere in Georgia that reads: Beware of Dangerous Waters. Take extreme caution! Enter at your own risk!!

Well that's our democratic candidates maybe facing as they enter the dog days of summer, right before the Liberal Waters of the Democratic Primary.

Any candidate that tacks to the left in the democratic parimary is very likely to win that nomination because its dominated by left-wing liberals who dominate the primary. But like I said before, races are won in the General Election, not in a closed or open primary.

That's where the problem lie as that candidate then has to make a run to the center to appeal to a more mainstream crop of voters who don't see eye-to-eye on many positons held by liberals. Luckily so far, none of our candidates have been tempted to get in the liberal waters, even dip their toe in it just to see how it feels.

Whoever wins the nomination better avoid that trap if he wants to be the next governor of Georgia. This goes to candidates who are running for Georgia House of Representatives or State Senator.

Here's what I mean by the "Dangerous Liberal Waters":

Its full of algae, like big government, increased spending, raising taxes, eliminating tax cuts to low income Georgians, (now that's a Liberal Position if you ask me) & other tried & true liberal positions that have gotten our democrtic candidates in trouble at every turn. NO,NO,not this year!

Anyway take our two democratic senatorial candidates RJ Hadley & Michael Thurmond, (who's been M.I.A. since his announcement for the senate: Neither man CANNOT be in lockstep with the National Democratic Party. NO WAY! NO HOW!

You already know Isakson & his cronies are going to make the entire elction about (1) Obamacare (2) Pelosi & reid (3) Runaway Government & Spending.

The Healthcare Reform is a dicey one for both men: More than 2/3 of Georgians support a repeal of the Bill according to Rasmussen Poll, (who is more of a GOP leaning polling firm), but take those numbers to heart.

I know Hadley supports the legislation, maybe not the entire bill, but I know he supports a public option. Thurmond's position is unknown. It has always been the Southern Democrats trademark going back to the 1930s in running against the National Democratic Party & as a result all have been very successful.

Things like supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment proposed by Bobby Bright (D-Alabama) & Jim Marshall (D-Georgia) is a starter. Support a Hardline immigration
policy that puts the heat on our borders, & heat on employers that hire illegal workers is another. Going against Union organizations like come out in opposition to Union Card Checks is also another one.

But when you dip your toes in those "Dangerous Liberal Waters" & come out in favor of the Card Check System for Unions, Immigration that grants amnesty to illegal immigrants, more taxes, more government growth, you are finished!

For either Thurmond or Hadley it should be this: (1) Fiscal Conservatism (2) Economy (3) A New Tax System (4) Strengthening our National Security (5) Dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. Not Amnesty for illegals, More Govermment Growth, and Increased Taxes.

For Our other statewide candidates, look, the Ga GOP has put this state in a serious fiscal situation, but continue to eliminate Income Tax Cuts for Georgians making under $20,000 while giving Tax Cuts to Big Businesses & the rich, while continuing to furlough teachers, layoff state workers & abuse our educational system with massive cuts to education & increasing Fee's (wait, excuse me, increasing Taxes) Yes!!!! Increasing Taxes on Georgians in the worst economic crisis I have seen in my lifetime just to fill a budget gap.

But we have to get past the Democratic Primary & once again about abortion have come to the fore-front for two candidates Husband & wife duo DuBose & Carol Porter. DuBose Says he's pro-life: GREAT! While Mrs. Porter sayd she's Pro-Georgian! OKAY!!

I suspect Mrs. Porter is PRO-LIFE! She cleverly avoided that question in risk of alienating liberal democratic women who strongly supports a woman's right to chose.

See DuBose avoided the Liberal Waters, while Carol is still standing alongsine the lake wondering whether or not she should stick her toe just to see how it feels.

All of the candidates for governor are either moderate/conservative democrats.

Look at the Attorney General's race, Teilhet is a centrist, while Hodges is a conservative demcorat

Terry Coleman, J.B. Powell are both conervative democrats, I don't need to worry about these two grizzled veterans flirting with dipping that toe in those dangerous liberal waters.

All I have to say is so far the democratic candidates running for office this year have managed to avoid the temptation of diving or sticking their toes in the dangerous liberal waters of our left-wing counterparts

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think Carol was very candid about her position regarding abortion. Just because it does not fit neatly into "pro-life" or "pro-choice does not mean she is being wishy-washy. I know it is easier to put everything into boxes, but the world is not a set of dichotomous viewpoints. To say it simply, life is not black and white, good or bad, all or nothing. There is middle ground on almost every issue.

Carol's stance was one of thoughtful reflections - personal feelings and sound policy.

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