Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tin Riley to run for State Senate 47 District Seat

Tim Riley (D-Athens) will run for the open State Senate seat 47 being vacated by Ralph Hudgens who is running for Insurance Commissioner. Riley is the owner of Aloha Counseling Centers, offering drug and alcohol counseling services to patients in need. He is a resident of University Heights neighborhood in Athens-Clarke County.

Riley says the people of Georgia are ready for their representatives in the Georgia General Assembly to put an end to the petty infighting and get busy on addressing the challenges we face like poverty, education, water management and transportation. For too long, we've been promised results but only been given rhetoric. This time around the stakes are too high - a stagnant economy, a history of crippling drought, traffic congestion clogging metro Atlanta and an educational system that consistently fails to receive the necessary support to make adequate progress - and it's time we hold those responsible.

He will face either republican Snane Coley, Kelly Gary & Doug Bower in the General Election. Bobby Saxon, who got 40% of the vote against Paul Broun in 2008 was said to be looking at running for the 47th State Senate seat as well.

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