Thursday, April 22, 2010

Neal Boatright to challenge Roger Lane for HD 167

Neal Boatright will challenge Incumbent Republocan Roger Lane (R-Darien) for HD 167 Seat in the republican primary.

Born and raised in Brunswick Georgia, Neal attended the Glynn County Public Schools and graduated from Glynn Academy in 1985. After graduation, he went to work with Brunswick Pulp and Paper Company until 1989. After an unfortunate layoff, he decided to enroll in college at Coastal Georgia Community College, formerly Brunswick College, and earned his Associate degree in Radiology Science. While earning his degree; he worked for Southeast Georgia Health System and upon his completion was offered full time employment at Camden Medical Center. He worked at the Camden Campus of Southeast Georgia Health System for 11 years in addition to running and operating Neal Boatright Construction. He is also co-owner in Jon Jons Waste Disposal, Inc.

Neal is an active member of the Golden Isles Homebuilders Association and serves as a Board member. He is also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and Association of Accredited Radiology Technologist. He attends Emanuel United Methodist Church and has actively participated in Mission trips to Roatan with Blythe Island Baptist Church for the past 3 yearsHe believes Government is too large and out of touch with the hard working common people

Neal has been married to Donna Rue Boatright, formerly from Missouri, for 19 years this July. He has two children, Amber Boatright who is 24 years old and resides with her mother in Savannah and Dalton Boatright who is 14 years old and resides with Neal and Donna on Myers Plantation in Brunswick.

Boatright calls himself a fiscal and social conservative who vows to be a "full-time public servant," serve only two terms and reject all gifts from lobbyists.

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