Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sonething's Up

State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe) hasn't qualified for re-election to SD 23. Is this a sign he may run for Agriculture Commisisoner? That Terry Coleman will run for Labor Commissioner?

And Rusty Kidd (I Milledgevilel) hasn't qualified yet for HD 141. Darrell Black will not run for office this year he says on his Facebook page. I've heard rumore that Kidd will run as a democrat for re-election to HD 141. I haven't been able to confirm that.


Matt said...

I think independents and third-party candidates qualify separately.

Matt said...

Oh, and Kidd has said he was going to run again.

Daniel McDonald said...

Kidd is qualifying as an independent. Independent qualifying requires a petition with 5 percent of the electorate, which is not due until June. Kidd says he's shooting for 10 percent of the electorate, and he's almost got it already.
Talk show host Quentin T. Howell qualified Thursday as a Dem for 141.

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