Friday, April 23, 2010

Press Release by Frank Saunders For Congress Campaign Committee

Frank Saunders (D-Midland) is running for Congress in Georgia’s 3rd district against Lyn Westmoreland (R-Grantville).

Frank Saunders was born in Columbus on April 11, 1967. Frank has lived in Columbus for all of his life. Frank graduated from Pacelli High School in Columbus in 1985. Frank has three degrees (B.S. - Psychology, M.Ed- Education, and an Ed.S in Educational Leadership) from Columbus State University. Frank has been teaching and coaching as a profession since 1991. Frank is currently a special education teacher at Chattahoochee County High School where he is also an assistant varsity football coach, the Head Coach for Varsity Wrestling and the Head Coach of the Middle School Baseball team. Frank is married to Margie Lacy Saunders and they have a nine year old son. Frank has always searched and studied for solutions to the problems of the world but never had political aspirations until he decided recently that it was time for him to put his thoughts and ideas into action by running for congress. Frank is going to qualify for Georgia’s third Congressional district on Monday April 26th at 9AM at the Capitol.

Frank Saunders is not a politician but he is a concerned citizen that wants to help bring representative government to Georgia’s 3rd district of Congress. Saunders’ main focus is on the following

Education- Teachers are not the problem in education; they are part of the solution. Teachers, parents, students, and the community must form a partnership with a common goal in order to reform and revitalize education. We have to ensure that education is providing students, their families, and communities the necessary components for growth and development. When Georgians demonstrate that our educational system is focused on preparing students to work with specialized instruction businesses will come to Georgia. We have to invest in the education of our children because they are our future. Lynn Westmoreland wants to cut the Department of Education which would have a disastrous effect on the quality of education for students nationwide. Cutting the Department of Education is the last thing we need to do but it is the first thing Westmoreland wants to do.

The economy/jobs- Georgians need more job opportunities. The unemployment problem is breaking our state government and causing financial hardship to Georgians across the state. Teachers are being furloughed due to loss of state revenue. This lack of revenue and the response of furloughs create a vicious cycle that negatively impacts all Georgians. When teachers lose a portion of their pay they buy less resulting in lower tax revenue. Citizens are losing jobs due to outsourcing to other countries or job cutbacks. We have to encourage businesses to come to Georgia. We have to help Georgians create businesses in Georgia. We need to develop green industry; industry that will provide sustainable development in Georgia. A change in leadership is necessary to get this done.

Frank Saunders wants to bring honest and representative government to Washington in order to benefit all Georgians. If elected Frank Saunders will surround himself with a team of people with the expertise it takes to develop solutions for the serious problems we face.


Anonymous said...

GO FRANK GO! Please bring some common sense back to Georgia politics. We don't need Westmoreland lining the pockets of his lobbyists with our money any more!

Anonymous said...

Frank, you do realize that the STATE (governor, legislature...) and counties are making teachers take furlough days, right? Perhaps you should run for the state legislature. Your announcement seems... misinformed.

~V said...

I always thought of you as an intelligent sort, even if you have posted a small misnomer. Every voice counts, and, having heard yours, I wish you every success.


~Chris and Steven's mom

Anonymous said...

GO Frank Saunders,I speak for everyone at Chattahoochee County High School when I say,you can do anything you put your mind to. We know that when you set your mind at doing something,you make sure you get the job done.!!

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