Friday, April 23, 2010

Message from Rebecca DeHart, Campaign Manager of Rob Teilhet

One week from today, the legislative session will end and Rob Teilhet will be campaigning to be your next Attorney General full-time. It’s been a busy four months for him—balancing his time under the Gold Dome, practicing law, spending quality time with Heather and his beautiful daughters, and hitting the campaign trail. Yesterday he was in session past 10:00 at night!

Luckily, Rob has been able to participate in events and meet supporters from every corner of this state. Just last week, he attended the Gwinnett County Bar Association Attorney General Candidate Forum. After watching the tape of the forum, I learned about another stark contrast between Rob Teilhet and his primary opponent.

The moderator asked the candidates, “Who is your favorite U.S. Supreme Court Justice—throughout history—and why is he or she your favorite?”

That’s a tough question to answer—there have been so many absolutely brilliant men and women on our highest court and their decisions have helped shape our nation’s democracy into what it is today. But for Rob, the answer was easy. He picked Justice Thurgood Marshall. As to the question, "Why?" -- Rob spoke about Justice Marshall arguing the case of Brown v Board of Education—ending segregation in our nation's schools. Rob noted that he was the first African American to be appointed to the bench and he told the crowd that Justice Marshall was simply “groundbreaking.”

His Democratic primary opponent, Ken Hodges, gave a much different answer. He said, “Scalia”—one of the most conservative Justices in our nation’s history. Justice Antonin Scalia's positions on many important issues are about as far from the Democratic party that you can get.

Ken Hodges’ reason as to why he is his favorite Justice throughout history was simple—he goes hunting with him. He said that, “He’s been a very good Justice.” I've put together a little video of his answer and you can watch it HERE.

This is another example of the two candidates' different political leanings. Philosophically, they come from different places. While Rob was supporting Democrats Jim Marshall, Max Cleland and Jim Martin, Ken Hodges was giving money to Republican Saxby Chambliss to beat those good Democrats. Rob looks to the legacy left by Justice Thurgood Marshall for inspiration and Ken Hodges looks to one of the most polarizing, Republican leaders of our time.

Primary elections can be difficult. Often there are two people, with similar political platforms and political histories, running for the same job. This primary election is going to be different. Rob Teilhet and his opponent are very different people—with different values and different philosophies.

I know Rob is looking forward to qualifying for office next week. After the legislative session ends he will be working non-stop to bring his vision for the Office of Attorney General to the people of Georgia.

Our support continues to build with Labor, Women Leaders, Civil Rights Leaders, Faith Leaders, Prosecutors, Leaders in the Democratic Party and so many more endorsing Rob Teilhet for Georgia's next Attorney General.

And I count myself as lucky and blessed to be working for his campaign.


Rebecca DeHart
Campaign Manager for Rob Teilhet for Attorney General

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