Monday, April 19, 2010

Pharmacist Hear from State Insurance Commisissioners at Political Forum

Pharmacists from across Georgia gathered at Macon's Centreplex Sunday for a political forum with the state's Insurance Commissioner candidates.

Candidates include republican candidates Senator Ralph Hudgens, Representative Tom Knox, Senator Harold Logsdon, Gerry Purcell, Maria Sheffield, Steven Northington and Senator Seth Harp & Democrat Mary Squires.

The Georgia Pharmacy Association's Academy of Independent Pharmacy hosted the event so people could get to know the candidates running for the position.

Jeff Lurey, Director of the Academy of Independent Pharmacy, says the laws and regulations that the Insurance Commissioner oversees affect pharmacists.

"I want to be knowledgeable about these candidates and what they're willing to do for the patients in the state of Georgia," pharmacist Pamala Marquess said.

The organization prepared a list of questions for those on the podium. Some people say they attended the forum to find out each candidates' position on healthcare reform and patient issues. More than 150 pharmacists attended the forum.

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