Monday, April 19, 2010

Brian Westlake gets another endorsement.

Press release from Westlake Campaign:

Clayton County Education Association President Sid Chapman endorses Democrat Brian Westlake in his bid for State School Superintendent.

As part of his endorsement Sid is quoted as saying, " I am delighted and honored to personally endorse Brian Westlake as State School Superintendent. I have known Brian for a number of years and have found him to be sincerely concerned with the condition of public education in Georgia. As a classroom teacher, he will bring the needed voice for Georgia educators and strong leadership to the office. Brian Westlake is a visionary and possesses the ability to bring real change to Georgia schools."

"I am especially proud to have Sid's support in this campaign." Replied Westlake, "Everytime a fellow teacher endorses my campaign I am reminded of why I am running--to bring positive change to our public schools."

Both Mr. Chapman and Brian attended the Georgia Association of Educators' Spring Representative Assembly this weekend in Atlanta.

Westlake faces Beth Farokhi in the democratic primary for state school superintendent

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