Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Press Release from Barnes Campaign

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In First Televised Debate, Roy Provides Real Solutions

Athens, GA – Roy Barnes, along with the four other Democratic candidates for Governor, participated in a debate this evening on the University of Georgia campus.

During the debate, Roy summarized his plan for creating new jobs in every corner of Georgia. He pledged to focus on rebuilding our state’s infrastructure, and, by emphasizing job training, putting Georgians to work on day one.

Throughout the evening, Roy continued to advocate for comprehensive support and funding of the state’s public education system. He stated that, unfortunately, Georgia’s current priorities do not include protecting public education, as evidenced by the fact that Georgia is the only state in the continental United States that is furloughing teachers.

Roy closed the debate, speaking directly to the young people in the audience, by saying: “Hope is on the horizon, and there are better days ahead.”

“We are happy with the outcome of the debate,” said Roy 2010 Campaign Manager Chris Carpenter. “Roy has a clear vision for the state of Georgia, which was reflected in his remarks this evening. While some other candidates are focused solely on partisan rhetoric, Roy is focused on the issues that matter to Georgians – jobs, jobs, jobs – and water, education, and transportation.”

“Roy is looking forward to continuing the conversation that he has been having with folks all across our state,” said Carpenter. “The debate this evening highlighted the fact that there are pressing issues at play in this election – issues that will effect each and every Georgian – and those issues cannot be ignored.”

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