Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Democratic Debate Last Night in Athens

The Democrats held their first debate last night on the campus of the University of Georgia last night. All five candidates were on hand for the debate. All did very well at the debate. I'nm not going to get too deep into the debate last night, but let me say this:

Everyone knows about Roy Barnes, that's a given, but it was voters irst time to get a closeup look at DuBose Porter, David Poythress, Carl Camon, Thurbert Baker.

All did well at the debate last night, but from judging from reactions & mail I received, people were very impressed by Carl Camon performance, who is virtually unknown to democrats across the state.

The pledge by Gen. Poythress not to take a salary as governor when unemployment reaches 7% got positive feedback from folks who watched the debate last night

DuBose Porter & Roy Barnes were also very impressive last night as well, Thurbert Baker did Okay as well. No one lost & no one won last night, I call it a draw.

All hit on the themes of Water, Transportation & Education, which will be critical issues come November. But I was glad to see a question related to agriculture, which was directed to Carl Camon by Dawn Hobby of WALB 10 Albany & the ongoing Healthcare Debate that has captivated much of the American Public.

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