Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Voting rule on proof of citizenship up for adoption

ATLANTA - A controversial rule requiring voters prove their citizenship comes up for adoption Thursday by the State Elections Board.

The rule will apply to people registering to vote after Jan. 1, or as soon at the U.S. Department of Justice determines whether it is an unfair burden to minority voters. Many critics of the proposed rule plan to speak out against it during public hearings before the board decides, arguing that it is indeed a burden to African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics.

People who can't afford a car usually don't have a driver's license or a passport, the critics say. It would be expensive for them to get those documents just so they can register to vote. Even a duplicate birth certificate can be expensive for someone who can't just drive by their local health department to pick one up, critics argue.

Besides, illegal immigrants aren't likely to vote, according to Helen Butler of the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda.

"We've done a lot of registration drives, and people will shy away if they're not citizens," she said.

Larry Pellegrini of Georgia Voter Owned and Trusted Elections, or Ga. VOTE, said the existing penalties for an illegal alien voting already discourage them from registering.

"People who are trying not to be noticed are not going to be doing anything with the state," he said.

Supporters of the rule, and the law passed by the General Assembly mandating it, argue that the sanctity of elections is too important to be put at risk by the rising numbers of illegal aliens. And they say the requirements are no more bothersome than what's needed to cash a check or board a commercial flight.

Also coming up for a vote Thursday are two other rules.

One would prohibit candidates from putting their nicknames on the ballot, from "Sonny" Perdue to "Casey" Cagle. It's aimed at preventing candidates from trying to send a campaign message through the ballot by using nicknames like Bill "Tax Cutter" Jones or Sam "Better Education" Smith.


Brittanicus said...

Next year Americans had better be on their guard against fraudulent voter registrations and the possibility of illegal immigrants voting in the 2010 Senate elections. Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV) comes up for re-election and if you didn't know already, the great state of Nevada is overwhelmed by foreign nationals of the illegal kind. Be aware that under current voting law, a--UTILITY BILL-- is officially identified as a legal document as identification in Nevada. In states that are heavily involved with illegal immigrants and the product of welfare fraud, Nevada and California specifically should be under the eye of the election authorities. After the ACORN controversy these two Western states have very large apportionments of political illegal immigrant sympathizers and--MUST--be removed from their career seats. Sen.Harry can be attributed to the near destruction of E-Verify, the federal verification program that a growing number of nationwide employers are beginning to use. As a pro-illegal immigrant incumbent he must be ejected from his Senatorial seat, because he is directly involved in the 2010 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.These are the worst of the worst with a grading of ( F ) - as according to NUMBERSUSA. They have been adamant conspirators against any immigration enforcement and readily agreeable with another BLANKET AMNESTY. WE NEED TO MAKE EXAMPLES OF THEM AND THROW THE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE NEXT YEAR? These individuals are just part of the political conspirators who don't mind illegal aliens settling in our nation and stealing AMERICAN JOBS.
Bennet, Michael F. - (D - CO) ,Bennett, Robert F. - (R - UT),Dodd, Christopher J. - (D - CT),Feingold, Russell D. - (D - WI),Gillibrand, Kirsten E. - (D - NY),Inouye, Daniel K. - (D - HI),Leahy, Patrick J. - (D - VT),Lincoln, Blanche L. - (D - AR), Mikulski, Barbara A. - (D - MD), Murray, Patty - (D - WA), Reid, Harry - (D - NV), Schumer, Charles E. - (D - NY), (R - AL),Wyden, Ron - (D - OR),

Brittanicus said...

Statement from Gov. Jim Gibbons "Our voting system is very simply the greatest in the world and is the basis of what makes this country great. The allegation that an organization that’s main purpose is to register new voters was doing so fraudulently is very troubling. I believe that requiring a photo ID to vote is a very reasonable protection for our voting system and should be enacted as law by the 2009 Legislature."

Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read facts at NUMBERSUSA not the lies spawned by open border entities. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. Overpopulation, traffic hell should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL. We the people have the ultimate power to throw out anti-sovereignty incumbent politicians. Call and command these do-nothings to--STOP--this facade at 202-224-3121.

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