Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DaVid Poythress & DuBose Porter are looking strong as the 2009 Season comes to a close

Just a couple more weeks until 2010 rolls around & in the democratic field for governor, both Porter & Poythress are looking very strong right now as they criss-cross the state meeting & greeting constituents, trying to build up their perspective grassroots organizations & getting their message out to voters as the statewide elections nears.
For months the name of Roy Barnes has rolling down the tongues of giddy democrats who are hoipng that 2010 will the year democrats get back inside the governor's mansion. Wel let me put some cold water on that notion.
One of the main problems democrats have had since 1998 is the development of grassroots supporters who will be able to get their message out & to counter the GOP's ground game. Right now David Poythress & DuBose Porter both have steady ground games going, which will be the difference for either of them if one of them makes it out of the democratic primary.
You can have the most money, but that doesn't mean a guarantee to victory. Barnes should know that, as well as baker.
As I said before elections are not won in the primaries, they are won in the general election & democrats need to nominate someone who can best appeal to the greater electorate in this state, which is center-right as well as independents. Irrelevant polls are showing Barnes with over 40% of the democratic vote, but when you put each perspective democrat against either republican challenger, all or some are beating the republican, or tied.
I wish democrats up in Metro Atlanta & the Urban centers like Macon, Augusta, etc would just think for a second & say "hey how did we lose both chambers in 2002? who lost to a backbench Republican state senator? who did the democratic party crumble under?" Do we want to go back to the same 'ol act? I know I don't. You can't teach a dog new tricks & a zebra can't change his stripes & a leopard can't change his spots.
That's why need a new voice, new ideas, a new leader to take the democratic party back to its glory days when fiscal conservatism ruled, where the state had tremendous job growth, where this state was the beacon of all southern states & nationally as well.
No offense to the ex-governor, but you had your chance & dropped it when you ticked off the teachers, changed the flag without letting the voters decide. Take that & combined the 9/11 attacks it was the perfect storm for republicans to take over this great state. Now another perfect storm is on the horizon. You have republicans dropping like flies over alleged affairs with young lobbyist, corruption, ethics & the inability to solve big issues the state faces. I'll rather have David Poythress or DuBose Porter aa the next governor. Both have leadership qualities, can work in a bi-partisan manner & both are workhorses, not a pony & ride show like you have seen from the current governor & the majority in the legislature.
I'm tired of seeing the same recycled democratic politicians run for office. This has got to change. New blood like Michael Mills, who is running for Secretary of State, Ken Hodges & Rob Teilhet both are running for Attorney General, Carl Camon who is running for governor, etc. I'm tired of Roy Barnes. Mrs. Mary Squires who s running for State Insurance Commissars, ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Gail Buckner, Darryl Hicks, Angela Moore, they all need to go away & let someone else take the ball run with it. As of right now, all the way to July, Porter & Poythress Will have alot to say when its time to go to the polls.


Anonymous said...

I agree mostly with what you said except for one exception. The only candidate that meets your criteria of "new blood" and "fresh ideas" is David Poythress. Dubose Porter has been part of the legislature and good ole boy network since way back when he had hair. Now we know Speaker Richardson's transgressions were known by EVERYONE under the Dome. Yet, Porter supported and voted for him for speaker. Does that sound like anything would change if he were elected?

Anonymous said...

You do not know your facts. DuBose has never been a part of the good ole boy network. He ran against Tom Murphy for Speaker of the House and exposed a slush fund Murphy and others used for their special projects. I would hardly call this being a part of the good ole boy network. Porter also never voted for Glenn Richardson as Speaker. Richardson was elected by acclimation of the House after the House Democratic Caucus decided not to run a candidate because they did not have the votes to win.

As far as Poythress, he was a no show while DuBose was working hard to rebuid the Democratic Party after it lost the House in 2005. Poythress only got back into politics because it was convenient for him and he can't make it as a banker.

DuBose Porter is the only candidate that can unite rural and urban Georgia and get our economy moving again.

Demorats can win with DuBose, they can't with Poythress or any other candidate.

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