Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Results from Month Long Peanut Politics Polls for December.

Who can Best appeal to Rural Georgians?
DuBose Porter 32%
Roy Barnes 24%
David Poythress 27%
Carl Camon 11%
Thurbert Baker 8%
Who would you vote for in the Democratic Primary for Attorney General?
Ken Hodges 51%
Rob Teilhet 48%
What are your imprssions of U.S. Senate Candidate RJ Hadley?
45% Don't know
23% Very Favorable
18% Favorable
20% Not sure
Who should run for Georgia Lt. Governor?
Michael Meyer von Bremen 28%
Tim Golden 26%
One of the announced candidates for Governor 38%
24% Someone Else
Who would you vote for based on what you have heard & know of the candidates?
DuBose Porter 29%
Roy Barnes 25%
Thurbert Baker 12%
Carl Camon 5%
David Poythress 27%.
Polls for Lt. Governor, What are Impressions of Dem Candidate RJ Hadley allowed for multiple selections. Polls lasted for the entire month of December.

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Anonymous said...

This poll is more accurate than the ones I've seen from Rasmussen that has Barnes way out front of the competition. I know its not a scientific poll, but what was the sample of your voters?

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