Thursday, December 31, 2009

Democrat J.B.Powell (D-Blythe) for State Agriculture Commissioner?

That's what Andre Walker over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered is saying this morning. He received a tip that State Senator J.B. Powell is strongly considering a run for State Agriculture Commissioner in 2010.
Here's what it says
Sen. J.B. Powell, 23rd District, is strongly considering running for Ag Com. He has a first hand knowledge of agriculture. J B is a proven leader, with a strong state wide base. If he does decide to run, he will be the candidate for all Georgians
He is a member of the Senate Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee.
I take that claim about Powell considering the race very seriously. Earlier Georgia Politics Unfiltered reported that 2006 Lt. Governor candidate Griffin Lotson (D-Darien) was considering the Agriculture Commissioner race as well. For months we have been hearing Terry Coleman as the candidate (democratic) to run in place of retiring commissioner Tommy Irvin. The race hasn't yet seen a democrat jump in. Stay tuned on that front.

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