Monday, December 21, 2009

Ken Hodges Makes Stop in Thomasvlle

Ken Hodges, who running for the Democratic Nomination for State Attorney General made a visit in Thomasville Friday Morning says fixing Atlanta at the expense of the rest of the state will not happen if elected, adding that water is among the matters he would address for all Georgians.
“Fixing Atlanta at the expense of the rest of the state would not happen on my watch,” Hodges said, during a campaign stop at the Plaza Restaurant early Friday morning.

Hodges also advocates open government and as attorney general would take appropriate action to ensure all Georgia government stays in the sunshine.

Hodges, 44, was a three-term district attorney in Albany and 2002 District Attorney of the Year. He is past president of the District Attorneys Association and past chairman of the Prosecuting Attorneys Council.

An Albany native, Hodges is managing partner and practices health-care law in an Atlanta law firm.

The candidate received an undergraduate degree at Emory University and a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law.

“I’ll be the only South Georgia candidate running for statewide office,” Hodges said, in reference in next year’s state-level elections.

The candidate has been to Thomasville several times during his campaign, and he plans to return. He wants to ensure Thomas County is represented at all levels of state government.

Hodges has been before hundreds of juries and supervised thousands of cases. He prosecuted an assistant police chief and sent the individual to jail. He also prosecuted dozens of police officers “who thought they were above the law.”

When Hodges was elected Dougherty district attorney in 1997, the office had eight pending death-penalty cases.

Capital punishment is in order when a crime is wanton, without regard for human life, callous and involves depravity of mind, Hodges said. The Brian Nichols case in Atlanta, where a judge and law-enforcement officers were murdered in a courtroom, is a prime example of a death-penalty case, he said.

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