Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seems people are forgetting about David Poythress

With all of the Roy Barnes talk, folks are forgetting about David Poythress, who is going bout his business stumping for support from all corners of the state. He has visited various democratic party chapters in each county, talked with numerous officials, & functions talking about his plans for Georgia. Poythress needs to be taken seriously. Once he gets his profile up, he's going to be a real threat.
His candidacy as a outsider will appeal to voters, whether they are Dems, Republicans, or Independents. And his appeal with military families & veterans should not be underestimated. Poythress is staying in the race regardless & he just might surprise some folks come July 2010. His only problem maybe Cash & Name Recognition. I'm keeping my eye on Mr. Poythress.


JoeFrank said...

Keith, not sure where you got your source from about Poythress, but Poythress has the cash. He has a staff and is raising money consistently. Some of Roy's buddies are also supporting him this time around because they want to back a winner. Trust and believe, David Poythress is going to be the come from behind winner like so many Georgia Governors before him.

Keith said...

JF, Money is one thing I will be keeping check on when it comes to Poythress. I agree with you that he has a strong infrastructure around him & he can appeal to rural voters, urban & surburban folks, but if the money continues to come in at a steady pace, he will be a factor in 2010. If Poythress can secur a major endorsement from someone like a Sam Nunn or the NRA for example, that will help his name i.d significantly.

JoeFrank said...

JoeFrank, it might be significant to note that Poythress is the ONLY candidate for Governor running with endorsements. None of the Dems or Reps have had major endorsements yet, besides Poythress. I also understand that Joe Frank Harris has talked about endorsing Poythress.

Keith said...

Hey JF, you might be right. With new polls showing Poythress very competitive, he just might be the next Joe Frank Harris, who came out of no where to become governor of georgia in 1982.

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