Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Move the State Forward, become involved, says Porter at the Macon County Chamber of Commerce Dinner.

State Rep, DuBose Porter a gubernatorial candidate for governor of Georgia encouraged Macon Countians to become more involved in politics, saying there's no better time than now. He was the Keynote speaker for the Macon County Chamber of Commerce Banquet held at the Preston Williams Center on Thursday Night.
Porter was introduced by State Rep. Lynmore James (D-Montezuma).Says Porter: Georgia is at a crossroads much like in the 1960s & the decision will make the difference as to whether the state moves forward. It matters to your businesses...... to the development of this community (Macon Co.) We need to look at what people actually do, not just what they say they will do.
He criticized the budgeting process at the state level. "When you cut every agency the same percentage, some important things don't get done", he said. When you look at the Georgia War Veterans Home, but built a Gold Fish Pond for Perry..... We need to be committed to make tough decisions. He also said the state needs "Family Values" & the legislature needs to stop partidan bickering & bring together rural, urban, black, white, male, female, upstate, downstate to resolve it's problems.
He talked about Transportation, Education, Public Safety. Also there was State Senator George Hooks (D-Americus)

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