Friday, May 2, 2014

Endorsement: Gerald Beckum for Secretary of State

Sec of State Candidate & Oglethorpe Mayor Gerald Beckum
In the Democratic Primary contest between Rural Democrat Gerald Beckum & Doreen Carter, Gerald Beckum is br far the better choice to advance to the general election to face current Sec. of State Brian Kemp (R). The 68 yr old mayor of Oglethorpe & conservative democrat has demonstrated his willingness to go where the voters are whether its Dekalb County or down in the Low Country areas of south Georgia, such as Bainbridge. His 32 yrs of experience serving as mayor & 40 plus yrs as a small business-owner gives him a unique understanding of the complexities of starting a business from scratch. Beckum is one of two democratic statewide candidates who reside outside of North Georgia/Metro Atlanta. Doreen Carter's resume is impressive, but this is about the general election and ELECTORAL STRENGTH & that's where she comes up short. Carter has zero presence outside of her safe enclave of Lithonia and a few Metro Atlanta Communities. Democrats must get behind Beckum in his bid to become Georgia's Next Secretary of State.  PEANUT POLITICS ENDORSES GERALD BECKUM FOR SECRETARY OF STATE

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