Sunday, May 4, 2014

Candidate Spotlight: U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Robinson (D-Columbus)

Todd Robinson (D-Columbus) hopes to be your next U.S. Senator from Georgia in a race that include Michelle Nunn, Branko Radulovacki and Steen Miles. Here are a few tidbits about Mr. Robinson:

He Entered the U.S. Army, June 1979 at Fort Benning GA. Also was a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School, graduate of the U.S. Army First Sergeant's course. Fort Bliss Texas, pathfinder course, air assault school, a master parachutist, expert infantryman's badge.  Retired the rank of First Sergeant in 1999 with an honorable discharge.

Currently he is Employed with the Fire & EMS Department over in Columbus, Georgia. 

He is married to WTVM News 9 News Anchor Cheryl Renee. 

Robinson is a Conservative Democrat who's points of interest are;

Welfare Reform , in which to Empowering welfare recipients to become independent of welfare benefits.Conducting cognitive and physical assessments for employment and educational opportunities and providing child daycare assistance for technical school attendees

Reducing Unemployment to training and educating welfare recipients for job placement will reduce Georgia's unemployment rate and increase the state's revenue.  Continue to invite industries to the state.  Advocate for people to get training in the career fields that are plentiful, which will help our state grow.

And fighting for Veteran's Benefits. Being a retired U.S. Army Veteran, Robinson wants to   implementing a state tax exemption for military families for property taxes in order to keep them from purchasing property in bordering Alabama counties, plus help to keep veterans and family members in the state of Georgia.  Continuing to provide for Wounded Warrior transition centers in Georgia and making veterans' health care facilities available throughout the state

As a man of  faith in God and family and the hope of eternal life and Honesty, integrity and loyalty, those things make up the foundation of his character.

If any of those issues are a great concern for any voter, then you might want to consider voting for Todd Robinson candidate for U.S. Senate

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