Sunday, March 23, 2014

Georgia Democratic Candidates Strengths & Weaknesses Pt 1.

Governor: Jason Carter (D-Decatur)

Strengths: Youth, Name Recognition, ability to raise money, has credibility with the Democratic Establishment,  has a solid reputation on economic and educational issues, Pro-Gun (A Rating by NRA), a pro-business, fiscally discipline, has a populist streak and related to ex-governor & President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter.

Weakness: Having served as State Senator for only 4 years, some wonder whether or not he's ready for prime time, although he have contacts and name I.D. in some sections of Rural Georgia, he's not well-known below the gnat line and being related to President Carter, that may cause some not to vote for him (these are likely highly partisan republican voters)

U.S. Senate: Michelle Nunn (D-Atlanta)

Strengths: Name Recognition, daughter of popular former senator Sam Nunn, have the ability to attract crossover voters, pro-business, fiscally responsible democrat, fundraising, ran one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world, pragmatist, and can attract many of her father's supporters (who are disaffected Conservative Democrats, moderate Republicans) when he held served as Ga Senator for 24 years.

Weakness: Never held public office, mostly unknown by Georgia Voters, her positions on some issues does not sit well with the liberal wing of the Georgia Democratic Party as well as being viewed as too conservative by some diehard liberals across Georgia.

U.S. Senate Branko Radulovacki (D-Atlanta)

Strengths: A unabashed progressive with a centrist streak & physician who 100% supports Obamacare, appeals to the left wing of the Georgia Democratic Party, his followers are loyal and enthusiastic.

Weakness: His positioning to appeal to the liberal elements may help in the primary, but will hurt him in the General Election if he pulls off the upset in May, lacks crucial support from the democratic establishment. Never ran for office and a unknown to many Georgia Voters.

Lt. Governor: Connie Stokes (D-Dekalb)

Strengths: Served as State Senator for Dekalb County, well known inside the metro Atlanta Area

Weakness: She's largely unknown outside the democratic enclaves of metro Atlanta, she has little or no grassroots network outside of Atlanta, fundraising not up to par to take on sitting incumbent

Attorney General: Greg Hecht (D-Stockbridge)

Strengths: Ran for Lt. Governor (lost in Democratic Primary) so he may still have some remnants of his statewide run still in place, served as State Senator, has 2010 Attorney Gen. Ken Hodges as his Campaign Manager

Weakness: It's been 8 yrs since he ran for office, his name ID has suffered since then. Not that well known either inside or outside of the Atlanta Area.

Secretary of State: Gerald Beckum (D-Oglethorpe)

Strengths: Served as Mayor for 32 years, profile fits for a General Election Race, one of the last remaining old-school Rural Democrats, Businessman, can relate to the working class voters dems have had a difficult time trying to peel away from the GOP, appeals to seniors, has a workman like attitude

Weakness: Name ID inside Metro Atlanta, lack of connections inside the democratic enclaves such as Dekalb County, profile may hinder him among primary voters who are more liberal than those in a General Election

Secretary of State: Doreen Carter (D-Lithonia)

Strengths: Former Lithonia City Councilwoman, hails from the most democratic county in the state which serves to her advantage against Beckum

Weakness: Outside of Dekalb County, she's virtually unknown, her appeal maybe limited to only base democratic voters, electoral strength in a general election doesn't bode well for the party

Agriculture, Insurance, State School Superintendent, Labor Commissioner candidates next Sunday.

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