Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michelle Nunn and Rural Georgia

How well can Michelle Nunn do in appealing for votes in Rural Georgia? Her middle of the road, independent approach to issues may help her in that regard as Rural Georgia has virtually gone red since the election of Sonny Perdue back in 2002. Most Rural Georgians are not particularly wedded to any political ideology despite what many might think and are not single issue voters on things such as religion and guns.

Now appearing on the ballot as a democrat could prove to be a disadvantage in wooing rural voters in central and southern Georgia, but if she can get out to Rural Georgia and present her ideas and solutions to problems facing Georgia and the country, then I think there some votes out there she can & will get. It's all about pressing the flesh and face to face interaction. She should cast herself as the candidate for rural Georgia, who understands the plight of farmers and working class bluecollar families.

Rural Georgia is pivotal, but you have to have a candidate who's able to get through to the culture. She can definitely break through the culture of rural Georgia if she shows respect for gun rights and don't let social or "wedge" issues define her campaign. If she can get through that culture, then she can get rural voters to listen to her ideas about education, the deficit, debt, healthcare, etc.

In addition she can not only hold the base, but she can also expand from that. From her interview with Lori Geary, I believe she is Pro-Gun, says her mother owns a gun and her boys are also hunters, abortion, well that's a unknown at this point, but she should avoid getting bogged down in debates about guns & abortion & talk about things bluecollar workers like to talk about like job security, healthcare, education for instance.

So for Nunn, rural Georgia will be key in her quest to become Georgia's next U.S. Senator. Already the GOP are coming out the gate with attacks, trying as hard as they can to tie Nunn with Obama, Reid & Co.

Their strategy against Nunn will be some of this: Attack her strength with character assassination, suppress the vote, demoralize the democrats with whisper campaigns. Republicans have tow things going for them.......a fanatical base that's willing to carry out the dirty tricks and the greediest billionares to finance them. They deceive good people by diverting attention away from much more pressing issues by talking about gay marriage and abortion. That's a trick they ahve used over & over again and it will be used in this contest in 2014

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