Monday, October 8, 2012

Blash looks to unseat Lancaster for Bleckley County Sheriff

Pulaski County Sheriff Deputy Johhn Blash is making a push to become the next Sheriff of Bleckley County in November. Blash, who's 44 is from Cochran will face Incumbent Harold Lancaster, who switched parties (now running as a republican). 

Candidate Johnny Blash
Blash graduated from Bleckley County, Georgia Public Safety Center and Ashford University. Christian Principles, God, Family and Community are the things that are most important to Blash, the father of two.

In addition to being Deputy for Pulaski County, Blash also worked for the city of Hawkinsville Police Dept, Sergeant for Bibb County Sheriff Dept, and worked as a correctional officer at several state prisons.

If elected, Blash says he will be transparent, develop positive relationships with the community, and work with the police dept and police chief to ensure a better and safer community.

According to his website, he states a number of citizens have expressed a distrust in Law Enforcement in Bleckley County and if elected he will restore trust and ensure all Law Enforcement have a positive relationship with the community and county.

Pulaski Co Deputy. Blash standing in front of defaced sign
Another Defaced Blash Sign
Recently some unfortunate events occurred when some teens defaced a sign along a highway with Free Chicken spray painted across one of his big signs. Blash has endured racial slurs, defacing of signs as well as attacks on his character. I always say if you're being attacked and having lies spread about you, that means 1. You're gaining traction and 2. Your opponent is nervous about losing, so these tactics are common.

Blash will face longtime sheriff Harold Lancaster who switched parties during qualifying period this year. Blash pledge to be proactive, unhold the law, and be fair and honest while holding officers to a higher level of  integrity. You can visit his website here at

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Anonymous said...

We need change here in Cochran. Lancaster has been here for too long. Blash is a up standing guy with high values & committment to the community. Although I am a republican, I will definitely vote for Johnn Blash for sheriff,as well as my friends. I know Sheriff Lancaster & he's a nice man, but Blash can take this dept to a whole new level of competence and integrity.

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