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Can Calvin Smyre Save the Democratic Party of Georgia?

I think Smyre should run in 2015 for Party Chairman to right the Democratic Ship...ASAP!!

In sports, many teams have gone back to the past with re-threats to revitalize their sagging programs or franchises..look at Kansas State where Bill Snyder is once again (2nd time around) working his magic a K-State, remember when Dan Reeves came to coach the Falcons and led them to the '98 Super Bowl, or Bill Parcells leading the woeful Patriots to the 1996 Super Bowl or Howard Schnellenberger who re-built a struggling Miami Hurricanes program to dominance, or Buck Showalter who has led the Baltimore Orioles to the 2012 baseball playoffs after years away from the game. All have one thing in common: All are re-threads, veterans of their craft who rebuilt or re-energized teams who suffered for years.

It's the same situation the Democratic Party of Georgia is now facing. The old guard was ushered out for newbies like Mike Berlon (not so new) Nikema Williams, Miguel Camacho, RJ Hadley, etc, etc. Well so far how has that worked out? I say its time for democrats to go back to the past & bring in someone with experience on the state level & deep connections nationally. Calvin Smyre, the Muscogee County Pol is just what the party needs.

Calvin Smyre & Tom Buck in State Legislature
The Georgia Democratic Party has been in a free fall over the last decade, resulting in losses at the statewide level which has no Democratic Officeholders & massive losses at the legislative levels due to retirements & party switching of moderate & conservative democrats from rural, conservative leaning areas & suburbs dating back to 2002.

In 2011, party activist & state committee members elected a slate of new democrats to rebuild the party from the bottom up.. from Mike Berlon, chairman to Miguel Camacho to Vice-Chair of Candidate Recruitment.

So far, the results have been the same. Continued infighting among democrats within the party to resignations,  to finger pointing among the Pro and Anti Mike Berlon factions has done nothing but weakened the already fragile party here in the Peach State. And it appears that it will not get any better anytime soon.

There maybe one person who could right the ship & get the the State Party back on its feet......State Representative Calvin Smyre of Columbus, a 40 year veteran of Georgia Politics who was elected in 1974.

Smyre was appointed by then Gov-Roy Barnes as chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party back in 2001 & he served in that position until 2003. But that was when the Democratic Party was in much..MUCH better shape. Smyre knowledge of the state & experience is what the party needs more than ever.

State Reps. Bill McKinney & Calvin Smyre 1980
No one knows how long Smyre will continue to serve in the legislature given hoe far the democrats have fallen in a span of 10 years, but one job I think he would terrific at is chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party. Smyre connections, not only statewide, but nationally & in Washington D.C. would be a huge asset in helping get the party on the right track. In 1976 he served as a advisor to the Carter/Mondale Campaign, serve as senior advisor to the campaigns of Joe Frank Harris & Zell Miller & was twice named as National Legislator of the Year. He currently serves on the Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Committee, State Committee, & has been a delegate to 9 Democratic National Conventions.

Smyre with Roy Barnes
What the party needs now more than ever is stability, leadership & direction & State Rep. Calvin Smyre brings those to the table, as well as respect from his colleagues & a winning attitude. Having worked for both governor Joe Frank Harris & Zell Miller, Smyre has a good idea what it will take for democrats to become competitive again in Georgia, as well as recruit STRONG democratic candidates statewide, something that is sorely lacking at the DPG & in both the House & Senate Democratic Caucuses. But would Smyre want to take on such a job if asked? Who knows? But with elections coming up in 2015 for DPG officers, if things doesn't improve from now 'til 2015, it maybe time to clean house once again at DPG. 

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Anonymous said...

They need to do something because it is just ridiculous what's going on up there. I don't think those guys ever travel outside of Atlanta or south of I-16. Clean house at the DPG. I like your sports analogy in explaining Smyre coming in to fix the DPG. Great post!

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