Friday, September 28, 2012

HD 138: The Buena Vista Bluedog, Kevin T. Brown Wants To Bring Focus Back To Rural Georgia

Come November, Marion County could have its first ever State Representative to come out of that area

Brown is challenging Incumbent Republican Mike Cheokas of Americus who switched parties after the 2010 elections. HD 138 consist of Sumter, Schley, Marion, & Chattahoochee County. In the 2012 primary, Cheokas received  1,665 during the republican primary votes to Brown's 3,339 votes in the democratic primary.

Candidate Kevin Brown with supporters at the Peanut Festival in Plains, Ga
Brown, a 44 year old centrist Bluedog Democrat out of Buena Vista is currently Executive Director for Marion County Family Connection. Previously he served 11 Years in the United States Army as a Legal Specialist (Staff Sergeant) & Veterans Representative/Job Specialist with Georgia Department of Labor.

He also served on the Buena Vista City Council & member of the River Valley Regional Commission Executive Board and Finance Committee and Founded of DIAMONDS , a organization that is a youth leadership group for young men.

His other memberships include:
Member of West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition Board of Directors
Member of Marion County Basketball Booster Club
Member of River Valley Regional Commission Executive Board and Finance Committee
Member of Marion County Board of Health
Member of Marion County Truancy Protocol Committee
Member of Marion County Child Abuse Protocol Board
Member of Marion County Child Fatality Review Panel

He is a graduate of  now defunct Tri-County High School (1985) & a graduate of Troy State University.

Brown wants to expand job opportunities and foster economic growth in rural Georgia; restore value to the Hope Scholarship and to provide a sense of trust in those that have been elected to serve unconditionally and selflessly. Brown has all the qualities to be a great State Representative for the newly drawn HD 138. He has appeal across racial, class & party lines & he has a strong work ethic. With the party now overrun by liberals, it needs a dose of centralism in its ranks to bring some much needed balance to the party.

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