Monday, September 17, 2012

(GA-HD 105) Renita Hamilton is the Centrist Who Democrats Need to Rejuvenate the Party's Sagging Fortunes

A true centrist democrat, Renita Hamitlon is the only candidate in the race for HD 105 with the ability to deliver the message of the working class across party lines, appeal to independents & like-minded republican & to grow the democratic base in Gwinnett County.

In the race for the open HD 105 seat, Hamilton stands out as the most electable & most appealing against her opposition Joyce Chandler. She is the best positioned to appeal to the middle, while at the same time bringing new voters into the democratic party in Gwinnett County.

 Renita Hamilton believes strongly in traditional values.

I  believe that the Democratic Party will never again be able to compete statewide in Georgia unless they successfully appeal to independent and rural voters. It’s not that the Georgia Democratic message is too liberal…it’s that they keep choosing messengers who cannot connect with voters outside of the Democratic base & that's why candidates like Renita Hamilton are desperately needed in the ranks of the democratic party who can effectively connect with voters who are not liberals and progressives. Dems need a candidate such as Renita, who can inspire people across demographic and party lines to join ranks and to vote with democrats to restore the American Dream in Georgia.

Hamilton, a native of Turner County where her parents instilled strong values in the church is a small businessowner, Polished Affairs, LLC, graduated from Savannah State University & currently attending Tennessee State where she is trying to obtain her Masters in professional Studies in Strategic Leadership.

Hamilton is a  pro-business, anti-tax democrat who is also a gun owner who previously ran for Lawrenceville City Council back in 2011.

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