Friday, September 21, 2012

Ellis Black: Put HD 174 in the "W" Column for 2012

Love him or hate him, State Rep. Ellis Black (R-Valdosta) is right for new HD 174 which now consist of Clinch, Ware, Camden, Charlton & southern Lowndes County.

Black who first was elected as a democrat switched parties after the 2010 elections. Now I always say that if you run under one party for re-election, then you should serve out that term under that one party until next re-election & that's when you switch parties...that's the more noble thing to do.

Now back to Rep.Black. He's was the type of democrat the party has been losing over the last 12 years. Conservative-minded, Rural Based, White Male. Now I don't blame him for switching since the voice of conservative democrats in the state house has been marginalized by the increasingly grip of liberal Georgia Democrats who now control the party from the top down.

Black, is more of a independent more so than a republican or democrat. He fits the district perfectly, although much of it now is vastly different.

I remember this quote in which he said: This is where I belong. When I was first elected, we had conservative Democrats in the leadership of the Democratic Party; today, there are none. I have a ten-year record of voting the thinking of my constituents, and I believe I can best serve my constituents as a Republican.

You want to go somewhere where you feel comfortable & your views are accepted, not frowned upon & so the republican party is where he felt more at that doesn't mean that he's a person who will just vote republican every time, (like I said before, he's more of a independent than a party person) like State Rep. Alan Powell of Hart County.

Democrats need more Ellis Blacks in its ranks if it ever want to compete for majority status in the legislature. Keep losing more Ellis Black Types & its going to be a long, hard slog (which it already is) for the once mighty Georgia Democratic Party. Black who is a farmer sits on the Agriculture, Ways & Means & Appropriations Committees & is a member of the Southeast Ag Coalition

Black has a Democratic Challenger in Teresa Lawrence of Lake Park. I have no doubt that she's a nice lady, but voters down in 174 need to send Ellis Black back to the State House on November.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like the fact Mr Black switched parties, but I'll still vote even though I'm a democrat. for him because he's a good guy & he looks out for the people down here

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